From the pages of the Smyrna/Clayton Sun-Times, August 31, 1988

From the pages of the Smyrna-Clayton Sun-Times
August 31, 1988

Smyrna Increases Electric
By Susan Biro
Staff writer

The Smyrna Town Council voted unanimously to increase both the electric rate and trash collection fee to try and recover a loss in revenue from January to June of this year….

More specifically, the trash fee increase came as a result of an increase the town received at the landfill. A $5 per ton tipping fee increase was passed to the town by the Delaware Solid Waste Authority and became effective July 1.

Smyrna dumps around 200 tons of trash a month.

The increase in electric rate comes as a result of more than $400,000 shortfall in revenue in the first six months of this year….

Council voted to raise the PPCAC part of the bill from zero to .0075, or 3/4 of a cent. The PPCAC is the Purchase Power Cost Adjustment Clause and is meant to fluctuate….

The trash fee will increase from $8 to $9 a month….

Need to Rent? Not Much Here
By Susan Biro
Staff writer

Rentals are rare in Smyrna. Whether you’re talking about a one-bedroom apartment, single-family home or townhouse, you’re still talking about a rare find in the Smyrna-Clayton area.

But the tight rental market is not limited to Smyrna. A recently completed rental survey conducted in Kent and Sussex counties by the Delaware State Housing Authority has resulted in a 46-page detailed profile of that tight market….

Mary Whitaker, rental manager for Harrington Realty and Insurance, said she practically “holds (her) breath if someone comes in looking for a rental.”

Whitaker, a landlord herself, has been managing rental units for the past 11 years and has been rental manager for about one year at Harrington Realty.

“They are few and far between, I tell everyone,” she said. “I’ll get three to four calls a day without a rental being advertised.”

And one that’s advertised?

“Then I might get 25 applicants for one apartment,” she continued.

In the DSHA survey charts giving a breakdown of average rents ranged from $314 for an efficiency apartment to $462 for a four-bedroom home in both counties.

Both counties also showed a low rate when it came to vacancies of all types of units from townhouses to duplexes, to mobile homes and apartments….

Norway Maple Named to “Big Tree” List (photo caption)

This Norway Maple is now an official member of the big tree list – the tree, owned by Robert and Peggy Hutchins of 432 South St., was checked and is believed to be 230 years old with a diameter of 57.4 inches, a height of 60 feet, a spread of 100 feet, and a circumference of 15.05 feet.

On Aug. 17, the Hutchinses received and official letter from State Forester W.F. Gable saying the tree had made the official list.

Cinder City Belles and Tiffany and Company Hold Banquet (photo caption)

The Cinder City Belles and Tiffany and Company held their annual banquet Sunday at the Clayton Fire Hall and the above girls were the big winners of the night.

In the front row, left to right, are Tiffany and Company winners Samantha Gillespie, most improved; Angel Dean, most dedicated; Sarah Burns, spirit of Tiffany and Co.; and Holly Scuse, happy face award winner. In the back row are Wendy Knight who heads the organization and these Cinder City Belles: Shannon Arnold, most improved; Ayasha McGhee, most dedicated; Gina Pierson, spirit of Cinder City Belles; and Mandi Shaner, head majorette.