From the pages of The Smyrna Times, Nov. 8, 1933

From the pages of
The Smyrna Times
November 8, 1933

Prohibition Ended by Yesterday’s Election Vote
    The 18th amendment, with yesterday’s election, was voted out of the Constitution and as soon as the 36th state formally notifies for repeal on December 7, national prohibition after a reign of 13 years will end.
    Repeal forces at yesterday’s election stepped far into the lead in Ohio, Utah, and Pennsylvania and possibly Kentucky (which will not be known until tonight), after a storm of ballots that tore Tammany loose from its moorings and pounded at the regularity with which states have been lining up for repeal….
    Jouett Shouse, president of the Association Against the Prohibition Amendment, gave first honors to William H. Stayton of Smyrna, for his indefatigable energy back in the days when sentiment was strong for Prohibition and of his constant faith that the American people would demand a change. He also gave credit to two more Delawareans, Pierre S. duPont and J.J. Raskob, for their part in making it a success.
    Delaware is among the few states of the Union that has her post-Prohibition course definitely chartered and controlled. According to a statement by A.J. Taylor, executive secretary of the State Liquor Commission, liquor may be legally sold in Delaware on the day the Associated Press and other news services announce that the required 36 states have ratified the new amendment that annuls the 18th amendment.

Colony of Americans Found Deep in Jungle
    Existence of what is termed a “unique colony” of Americans in the torrid depths of British Honduras has been reported by the Carnegie Institution of Washington.
    This isolated group of persons, who have been away from the homeland of their ancestors for more than 70 years, was encountered by Oliver Ricketson Jr. of the institution’s staff in the course of a survey of the racial make-up of that section of Central America.
    They live in what is known as the “Toledo settlement,” and are described by him as “irreconcilables from the southern states who, rather than be under the northern yoke, betook themselves into perpetual exile after the Civil War.”
    The present colony presumably is composed of the second and third generation of self-exiled Southerners.
    It is well known that after the Civil War, colonies of former Confederate soldiers were established in Brazil, where they prospered and their descendants have taken a prominent part in the life of the country, but the Honduran group apparently dropped out of history, Ricketson says.

Smyrna Post Office Ransacked
    Burglars believed to have been local persons, broke into the Smyrna Post Office Friday night or early Saturday morning, ransacked the mail boxes, packages, and letters, but left without taking anything.
    Evidently, the burglars were looking for money only.
    The burglary was discovered Saturday morning by Howard Hill, the janitor, who at once notified the postmaster, G. Harvey Wright, and he in turn notified the chief inspector, W.C. Francisco of Wilmington, and the inspector at Washington.
    Entrance was gained to the interior of the post office by removing a heavy iron grate from over the cellar door in the rear of the building and then breaking in the cellar door….

New Welfare Home Asks for $500,000 for Additions
    In the State House of Representatives Friday afternoon, Representative Scott introduced a bill to appropriate $500,000 from the State Public Works Project Fund to the State Welfare Home for new buildings and improvements.
    The home in Smyrna was only opened several weeks ago.
    The work would be under the direction of the State Old Age Welfare Commision which would also be authorized to make application to the federal government for a grant of 30 percent of the total cost of labor and materials.
    It specifies that of this amount $115,375 would have to be used for the construction of a recreation services building; $49,375 for a laundry and a garage and an addition to the power house; $318,750 for the building of two additional guest pavilions; $13,125 for a center building and $4,375 for covered walks and tunnel….
    State officials interested in the development of the Welfare Home were highly pleased when the Commission reported the operating cost per patient per day has been $1.01. They regard the cost as extremely low, showing the result of efficient and economic administration.

Smyrna 20th Century Club Changes Meeting Dates
    The Twentieth Century Club of Smyrna met on Friday evening.
    After the regular business, the question of changing the meetings from every Friday to the first and third Fridays was discussed and voted upon in favor of the change.
    It was also voted to meet at 2:30 in the afternoon instead of 3 o’clock.
    The report of the chairman of the bingo party, Mrs. Frank Morris, was read. The $16.00 cleared was used to buy card tables for the club….
    The business session was followed by a delightful recital presented by Mrs. Lois Taylor and Miss Grace Kuschan of Wilmington. Mrs. Taylor gave a number of charming monologues and plays, and Miss Kuschan gave four selections on the piano….   

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