From the pages of the Smyrna/Clayton Sun-Times, March 8, 1989

From the pages of the Smyrna/Clayton Sun-Times
March 8, 1989
McNatt, French on School Bus which Overturned Feb. 14
By Megan Donahue and John Barnhardt,
The Smyrna High School Eagle Eye
    Smyrna High students Chris French and Ryan McNatt were among the 10 students who were passengers on a school bus which overturned on wet roads Feb. 14 near Kenton.
    Among the older students, French and McNatt helped the younger students exit the bus after it landed on its side in a ditch.
    “My first reaction was to get up, look around, and check all the younger kids to see if they were OK,” said French. “The younger kids were crying and scared; the bus driver was shook up.”
    All the students were taken to Kent General Hospital and check for injuries. Although nothing serious occurred, Shannon Bordley suffered a mild concussion, Diane Boyles suffered a fractured shoulder, and McNatt suffered a sprained ankle.
    “Some kid of safety devices should be installed into buses. Not only seat belts but other practical equipment. Such as emergency doors that break away and more removable emergency windows. Air bags are a new and very reliable safety device used in most new cars. We should use some of our automobile technology in our school buses, to make a safer, more comfortable trip,” said Chris French.
    The students were returned to school after the accident by Mrs. Boyles earlier that morning.
Incumbents Win in Kenton
    All five incumbents were returned to the Kenton Town Council Monday night as the bad weather saw only 32 people vote in the town’s election.
    The order of the candidates, in terms of votes were: Daniel Roberts, 27; Walter F. Jarman, 25; Fred Ridley, 24; Marie Shockley, 23; Sharon L. McClements, 20; and Tammie L. White, 16. The top five vote-getters were elected, so the one candidate missing out was White, who was the challenger running....
    Shockley said that considering the ice and snow of Monday night, she thought the voter turn-out was “very good.”
    “Normally, we have fewer than 100 voting,” she said, “but you have to realize there are only 210 people in town and that includes the children.”
76ers Beat Lakers in Little Hoopsters
    In Smyrna Little Hoopsters games played March 4, the 76ers held on to defeat the Lakers and win the championship game. In the consolation final, the Bulls dropped the Celtics.
    The rookie of the year was Travers Downes of the Bulls. The all-defense team selection included R.C. Seward of the Sixers, Billy Donovan of the Bulls, Jason Mullen of the Celtics, and Scott Weiss of the Lakers.
    The all-star team for this season included Mike Porter (Sixers), John Boyles (Lakers), Dimitri Sudler (Celtics), Travers Downes (Bulls), Matt Feldman (Bulls), Ron Hilliard (Lakers) and Augustine Butcher (Sixers)....
Bailey Exhibits Sculptures in Fla. Gallery
    Marble sculptor Richard Bailey, whose art studio is on Woodland Beach Road, delivered 15 pieces of his marble sculptures to three exhibition sites in Florida last week....
    Bailey is also exhibiting his marble sculpture in Maryland at the Annapolis Marine Art Gallery; in Wilmington at the Carspeeken-Scott Art gallery; in the Delaware Art Museum....