From the pages of The Smyrna Times, March 14, 1935

From The Smyrna Times,
March 14, 1935

Clayton Principal elected head of county teachers

Prof. W.W. Hickman, Principal of the Clayton School, was elected president of the Kent County Educational Association to succeed W.B. Simpson of the Caesar Rodney High School at the closing of the fourteenth annual meeting of the association held at the Smyrna high School Friday afternoon.

Other officers elected are: vice-president, George Henry of Dover; secretary-treasurer, Miss Lulu Robinson of Smyrna; director for three years, Walter McGinnes of Milford; director for two years, Margaret Merrick of Felton; director for one year, Harold Lynch of Kenton.

Congratulations on new school (editorial)

Smyrna Special School District can well be proud of Smyrna’s enlarged high school building. The new auditorium and cafeteria were used for the first time Friday at the assembling of the Kent County Teachers’ Association in annual session. The new gym was used Monday night for the basketball contests between Smyrna, Chestertown, Md., and Middletown. Already some of the classrooms are being occupied.

The school addition is about completed. There is yet some finishing touches to be made. More painting to be done and the stage curtains to be put up and the grounds to be beautified but in the main it is ready for occupancy and pupils and teachers are thrilled over their added quarters.

The whole conception and plan of the enlarged school is ideal and reflects credit upon architect G. Morris Whiteside, the contractors, the Cantera Construction Company, and the local and State School Boards. And last but not least, Supt. C.W.W. Schantz, who has watched every detail.
Smyrna is proud of its new school building and well it might be.

Few towns can boast of such an up-to-date educational institution. We congratulate Supt. Schantz and his staff of teachers and pupils in general in having such a school.

Clayton bills become law

Representative C.B. Brown of Clayton, who introduced the bills for the benefit of the Town of Clayton, has had them all passed by both houses of the Legislature and approved by Governor Buck.

One of the bills authorizes Clayton to exempt new industries locating there from all taxation for ten years and another authorizes Clayton to borrow $41,000 to refund outstanding bonds. The third bill makes taxes in Clayton a lien against property for three years instead of two.

Artist Frank Schoonover guest at Rotary meeting

Frank E. Schoonover, an artist of Wilmington, addressed the Rotary Club at their meeting last Thursday evening.

Mr. Schoonover paid tribute to the late Howard Pyle, one of the foremost artists in the United States at the time of his death. Wilmington artists, until a few years ago, produced nearly 80 percent of the paintings used by leading magazines in the country, Mr. Schoonover said.

His lantern slides showed the various stages of the painting of a picture together with slides of the Bancroft collection of paintings in Wilmington….

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