From the pages of The Smyrna Times, Aug. 8, 1935

From The Smyrna Times,
Aug. 8, 1935

Attendance tops 100,000 at Kent-Sussex Fair

The Kent and Sussex Fair came to a close Saturday night after one of the best weeks in the history of the Association. Favored by good weather and events that appealed to the masses, the total attendance for the week went far beyond the 100,000 mark and gives the managmenet and concessionaires the best financial return they have enjoyed in years.

Fully 30,000 were on the grounds Saturday. The automobile races were the principal drawing card.

The fair has been a success in every way. There was excellent weather every day.

There were few accidents of any kind. Four pickpockets were driven off the grounds by alert detectives before they had a chance to make a single “dip.” Only one person was arrested for drunkenness.

School band to be organized

Students from the fourth grade to and including the twelfth grade, will be eligible for the new instrumental music program which will be under the direction of John W. MacFaddin.

This new program is really a further development of the present program of music in the Smyrna schools. Classes will be held in the School Auditorium for two days a week for instruction on the various instruments of the band and orchestra. Students will have one period of class instruction per week on their instruments and will then have a period for band and other period devoted to instruction in the orchestra.

The band should this year number around twenty-five pieces.

There are about fifteen students who have had training on their instruments during the past year or so, and will be a great help in getting the band organized sooner than usual….

Eating house under construction on Boulevard

Mrs. M. Scott, proprietor of the Delaware House, is erecting an eating house on north Boulevard, the name of which has not been decided on. It will have a frontage of 46 x 24 and a rear 20 x 16. The dining room, 24 x 24, will accommodate the guests. Besides the dining room there will be a waiting room 12 x 16 and a kitchen. A bed room is being included in the plans for the house manager, who is yet to be appointed.

Mrs. Scott who has built up a reputation at the Delaware House for her meals, will use the same care and economies in her Boulevard restaurant. The building will have all modern conveniences and will be made cozy and attractive to cater to the traveling public.

New chain grocery store coming to Commerce Street

James W. Pepper of Cecilton, Md., has rented of George W. Turner his store on Commerce Street, recently in tenure of Harry P. Boyles and Harry T. Greenwell. Mr. Turner started Monday to tear out and make some modern improvements. The store is undergoing interior changes and will have a new glass front.

Mr. Peeper, it is understood, will operate it as a branch or chain of Le Grande Stores, the headquarters of which is at Easton, Md. He will conduct it as a grocery, meat, and green vegetable store. Mr. Peeper expects to take hold on or about September the first.