From the pages of The Smyrna Times, Sept. 15, 1960

From The Smyrna Times,
Sept. 15, 1960

Hurricane brings threat of washout at lake

Smyrna residents were reminded forcibly of the Labor Day weekend storm of 20 years ago when the water in Lake Como rose 26 ½ inches Monday, reaching its peak between 5 and 5:30 p.m. However, twenty years ago two bridges were washed out, the Main Street causeway and the Route 13 bridge, and one man, Clarence Armstrong, a Diamond State Telephone lineman, lost his life. There was a total loss at that time of an estimated $35,000, $10,000 for the Main Street bridge, and $25,000 for the Route 13 bridge.

“There was more water in the lake Monday than 20 years ago, and it was the most rain that has fallen at one time since then,” James Warren, chief of the town electric crew, said and he emphasized that improvements to the road on Main Street and also on Route 13 prevented any disastrous washouts.

Sand bags were placed along the Main Street front of the lake as the water covered the roadway, and at the southern end of Route 13 bridge southbound lane, where a deep gully was cut by the force of the water at the edge of the Dairy Queen property.

Enrollment at Smyrna schools reaches new high

School officials announced this week that total enrollment at the Smyrna Special School District has reached 1,631, which is 166 more than the June enrollment of 1,465.

This increase reflects the large number of pupils enrolling in the Smyrna Elementary where, for the first time, enrollment passed the 700 mark. Just two years ago elementary enrollment passed the 600 mark, making an increase of 100 elementary pupils in a two-year period.

Officials noted that all classrooms were filled with typical elementary classes operating between 30-35 pupils and many secondary classes enrolling 30 or more.

Enrollment by grades, including all schools of the district, shows: Grade 1, 179; Grade 2, 173; Grade 3, 154; Grade 4, 167; Grade 5, 133; Grade 5, 139; Total Elementary, 945. Grade 7, 164; Grade 8, 118; Grade 9, 144; Grade 10, 103; Grade 11, 90; Grade 12, 67. Total secondary, 686.

Firemen’s band completes successful parade season

The band of the Citizens’ Hose Company under direction of A. Rodney Daniels has just completed another successful parade season. They have marched in seven parades so far, taking first prize at five, including Marydel, Md.; Sudlersville, Md.; Northeast, Md.; Selbyville, Del., and Oxford, Pa. They also appeared at Newark for a Memorial Day parade and at the Labor Day parade in Wilmington.

The following members will drop out this year: Charlotte W. Dixon, majorette; Jack Conrad, Dover, who is in the Navy; Leonard Geissell, moved to California; Willis Martin, retired; Donald Marsh, John Sheridan, entered college; and Ronald Waski, moved to Newark.

Seven new members have been received: David Passmore, Nelson S. Everhart, Jr., William K. Knotts, Ronald Sayers, James Heisserer, William S. Snow, all of Smyrna; and Carol Burris, Clayton, majorette.

The band personnel also includes James Council, Philip Denney, Lex Faries, Martin Golden, Howard Green, Paul B. Grier, Robert Keen, Marvin Knox, John Long, Roger Kelsey, Douglas Miller, James Mood, Dennis Potter, Nicholas Rosello, Ralph Tieman, Clarence Tigner, Edward Tucker, and William Voshell, all of Smyrna; Rodney Daniels, Ralph Frazer, Edward Scarfe, all of Middletown; Richard Ennis, Carroll Thompson, Douglas Van Sant and Bob Wagner, Dover; Mario LePera, Newark, James Reynolds, David Spencer, Townsend; Ben Ray, James Ray, Cheswold.