From the pages of The Smyrna Times, Sept. 12, 1935

From The Smyrna Times,
Sept. 12, 1935

Suspected suicide at Lake Como

Coroner Edgar N. Smith was called to the State Welfare Home at Smyrna late Saturday afternoon where he held an investigation into the death of Seman Skotnieski, aged 75 years, a resident of the Welfare Home whose body was found in Lake Como near the home.

He left a note for the superintendent of the home which indicated that he had contemplated suicide. A certificate of death to that effect was given by the coroner.

Area recovering after storms

Delaware is recovering from the effects of the four-day rain and windstorm that left in its wake three deaths and thousands of dollars of damage to crops and property.

Smyrna escaped any breaks in its water dams. The gates at all Smyrna dams were raised to allow the water from Lake Como to drain over into the lower lake near the state highway. Ponds and lakes in an about town and Woodland Beach did to suffer.

Leipsic causeway was under water and four a time the only outlet was by way of the Dover Road.

Corn and tomato crops suffered most severely.

Smyrna schools open with record class sizes

Smyrna schools of the Smyrna Special School District opened for the fall and winter term Monday with a larger enrollment than ever and with the staff of teachers and the student body reporting on time.

This year seems to be inaugurating a new era of especially large classes. The senior class is the largest in the history of the school, totaling 37. The other classes have increased in proportion, with the enrollment of the freshmen being 100.

This year the school open in Smyrna’s new $500,000 facility, ready an fully equipped to take care of any emergency that might arise for years got come. With ample classrooms, auditorium, library, laboratories, and last but not least a cafeteria, Supt. Schantz and his staff have every modern convenience to carry along the work of education as they never had before.

First Presbyterian to hold rededication ceremony

At a meeting of the congregation of the First Presbyterian Church of Smyrna held last July, it was decided to make a complete renovation of the church property while the church was closed during August.

The work, which includes redecorating and repainting inside and out, a new carpet and other improvements, was carried out under the direction of Mr. Robert H. Denney, President of the Board of Trustees, and Mr. Grant G. Garis, Chairman of the Property Committee, and had now been completed. The men have left nothing undone to make this church a beautiful House of God.

The renovated church is to be rededicated Sunday, September 15. The morning service at which the actual rededication will take place will be under the leadership of Rev. Sydney J. Venable, pastor of the Pitts Creek Presbyterian Church at Pocomoke City, and Moderator of the Presbytery of New Castle.

Grange resumes meetings

Smyrna Grange resumed its weekly meetings Wednesday night of last week after its summer recess.

There was an informal greeting among members after which the following program was given: song; reading, Mrs. Harry Johnson; vocal solo, Arthur Moffett; novelty musical selections on guitar and harmonica, Ralph Best.

Miss Adele Simpler gave a recital of the following numbers: Waltz E flat major, Chopin; Witches’ Dance, McDowell; Pastoralle Scaroti; Sous Bois, Victor Staub; Prelude in C sharp minor, Rochmaninoff.