Profiles on Democrat incumbent Quinn Johnson and Republican challenger Kate Rokosz


S. Quinton Johnson
Age 41
Party Democrat
Occupation Owner of Tender Loving Kare Child Care & Learning Centers for 17
Years, automobile claims representative for eight years

Civic organizations M.O.T. Little League coach and team sponsor M.O.T. Soccer Club coach, Coopers Run Civic Association, Peoples Plaza
Merchant Association, Appoquinimink School Board Advisory Committee, Hodgson Vocational Technical High School Senior Project Committee

Political experience Currently the state representative for the 8th
district, member of the House Education, Health and Human Development, Veterans Affairs, Agriculture and Energy committees, a member of the Bi-Partisan Small Business Caucus and the Bi-Partisan Kids Caucus, where I am the chairman for the Special Needs sub-committee

Years in 8th District 14

What makes you the best candidate for this office?
Voters have expressed their top concerns are economic development, jobs, and education reform.
My skills and my experience ideally match up with these issues. As a successful business owner for the past 16 years, I have experienced the challenges of creating new jobs.
As your state representative, I have a proven track record in helping to create new jobs, improving our education system, supporting our community, our kids, and our families. I worked to eliminate the DSTP testing system and I supported open government initiatives that help keep government accountable.
I supported efficient government initiatives, making sure our tax dollars are used effectively. I have maintained a strong presence in the community by being involved in local events and by regularly attending school and municipality meetings. I’ve developed good working relationships with colleagues across the aisle and with local and state agencies that help me address a large variety of constituent issues. I’ve successfully fought to ensure that our district receives our fair share of funding and resources.
It is my belief that my experience as your state representative, my background, determination, and my work ethic are what this district needs to successfully address the issues facing us today.


Kathleen “Kate” Rokosz
Age 49
Party Republican
Occupation Travel agency manager, small businesswoman

Civic organizations Twelve-year organizer of the M.O.T. Big Ball Marathon, Middletown-Odessa Rotary Club, honorary member of the Volunteer Hose Company of Middletown, member of the Middletown Grant Committee, active member and former youth group leader of St. Anne’s Episcopal Church

Years in 8th District 20

What makes you the best candidate for this office?
I live in the heart of the district and raised my kids in the public schools. I’m not a career politician, but a long-term resident with a history of commitment, hard work and dedication to this community. I’m already involved, and now I’m ready to do more.
Two years ago, I never would have thought I’d be running for office, but, as we all are, I’m deeply concerned about the future. These are serious times. Unemployment is high. New taxes are higher. Foreclosures are through the roof.
As a small businesswoman, I know that economic development is the key to turning our state around. We need policies that lead to job creation. Instead, politicians increased the gross receipts tax, increased the personal income tax by 17 percent, increased some 15 other taxes, and increased state spending by $214 million. Every business I know is looking for ways to cut expenses, and government should be no different.
Why am I the best candidate? Because through my actions, I’ve shown how much I care about our community. I am running not out of ambition or ego, but because I want to make our state a better place for our children and grandchildren.