Profiles of Democrat incumbent Sen. Nancy Cook and Republican challenger Dave Lawson


Nancy W. Cook
Age 74
Party Democrat
Occupation full-time State Senator
Civic organizations Biggs Museum Board of Directors
Political experience State Senator
Years in 15th District Since 1963

What makes you the best candidate for this office?
I believe that in these challenging times it is important to the people of our district to have someone who is fiscally conservative, with the experience in government to know how and where to cut the budget while still finding the resources to provide the core services people need in tough times.
Even while dramatically cutting the state budget, consolidating programs and eliminating over 1,000 state jobs through efficiencies, we’ve been able to preserve property tax exemptions for senior citizens, keep school class sizes from growing larger, and continue helping our farm families with farmland preservation programs. We haven’t had to cut the numbers of state troopers and we’ve continued to support our volunteer fire companies and other emergency services. Balancing the cost of all this with reduced state revenues hasn’t been easy, but we’ve found ways to do it.
I've been fighting for the families and businesses of the 15th Senatorial District. I'm asking the people of the district to support me on Tuesday, Nov. 2, so that I can continue to fight for their interests when the next round of tough decisions needs to be made.


Dave Lawson
Age 63
Party Republican

Occupation Businessman, retired Delaware State Trooper
Civic organizations Smyrna-Clayton Moose, Delaware Veterans Post No. 2, Kenton Ruritan Club
Political experience None
Years in 15th District 10 years

What makes you the best candidate for this office?
The integrity of our government demands that even the best and the most beloved of our elected officials shouldn’t remain in office indefinitely. I'm Dave Lawson and I'm running as a Republican for the 15th Senatorial seat held by 36-year veteran Senator Nancy Cook. I've never been in politics.
As a businessman, I know firsthand how government tax and fee increases are destroying small business. I've paid the taxes and the fees and worried over making payroll. I've dealt with clueless government officials and archaic regulations designed to raise revenue and hinder the honest conduct of business. I will work hard to relieve small business of these burdens so they can create jobs.
I will work to encourage transparency in government and make accountable to you.
I will promote a true balanced budget, one that does not include allocations for golf courses and marinas. And I will never vote for legislation that institutes state employee pay cuts to balance a budget.
You have a choice in this election. Let's give the government back to “We the People.”
I'm Dave Lawson and I would be honored to have your vote on Nov. 2.