Profiles of Democrat John "Jack" McCutchan, Republic Lincoln Willis, and write-in candidate George Phillips. Incumbent Rep. Pam Thornburg is not seeking re-election.


John W. “Jack” McCutchan
Age 46
Party Democrat
Occupation Educator/trainer with the Division for the Visually Impaired
Civic organizations (no information provided)
Political experience none
Years in 29th District Seven years

What makes you the best candidate for this office?
Like many working families, I have personally shared the burden of the economic downturn with consecutive pay cuts and reduced benefits. I’ve witnessed the jobs lost for many of our working families in Kent County at places such as the Dow-Reichold plant in Cheswold, the layoffs at Playtex and Kraft foods, the closing of the Bank of America and Aetna facilities in Dover. These are just some of the tragedies of the Great Recession of the past several years.
One way that I feel that we can do this is by bringing good paying industrial and high-tech jobs back to Delaware. We can bring these jobs to Delaware by having a unified plan from all facets of our state government (legislative and executive branches) to create new and real job growth. To do this, we need to restructure and reindustrialize Delaware’s economy so that we can get families of Kent County working again.
Many of our schools are spending their budgets on administrative costs and not spending enough of their funds in the classroom. There is approximately $28 million dollars that can be spent in the classrooms without raising taxes. We need to use these funds to reduce class sizes and hire more teachers, not lay them off. We can do this by lowering administrative costs, which will eliminate the need to increase taxes and will help improve the outcomes in the classroom. This in turn will enable Delaware to attract better paying jobs with benefits.


Lincoln Willis
Age 34
Party Republican
Occupation Small businessman, Willis Automotive of Middletown
Civic organizations (no information provided)
Political experience none
Years in 29th District (no information provided)

What makes you the best candidate for this office?
Our state is at a critical crossroads. We must decide whether to stay on the road of increased taxes and irresponsible spending or whether we take the path towards fiscal responsibility and a government that fosters economic growth and job creation. I believe that my experience as a small businessman, as well as many years of volunteering in our community through non-profits and local service organizations, is what Delaware needs right now in the legislature.
Job creation—our No. 1 priority. We must create new jobs by making Delaware an easy place to do business and foster small business development by lowering taxes and removing bureaucratic obstacles. Quality education is essential to a strong economy because the workforce of tomorrow is in the classroom today.
State spending—responsible, common-sense government. We need more small businessmen in the legislature who know how to meet a budget and rein in state spending. I refuse to let our state continue on this road towards high taxes and wasteful spending. I'll work closely with the agricultural community to protect property rights and ensure fair treatment under Delaware's tax code.
Education—our future. I'm a product of Delaware's public schools and want to make sure every student has the same great education I received at Smyrna High School, no matter where they live in the state. Teachers and principals need to be empowered in the classroom. Parents and teachers, working together, should decide how to best educate our children.


George A. Phillips
Age 61
Party Write-in candidate

Occupation Surveyor, geo-hydrologist

Civic organizations Delaware 912 Patriots, former Girl Scouts of America co-leader and Environmental Tour Guide
Political experience Kent County Regional Planning Commissioner

Years in 29th District 37 years

What makes you the best candidate for this office?
Delaware Representatives vote in lock-step 91% of the time. I believe in the two party system, but am running as a write-in candidate to give you a choice.
1. Unless Delaware provides certainty for investors and employers, they will not risk investing, hiring or retaining those hired. Every law must be written in plain English and placed days, if not weeks before the public and business community for research into its soundness.
2. Those that earn money own it, government does not! We have gone way beyond the necessary and sufficient bounds of government involvement in free enterprise and personal freedoms. Get out of the way and let people do their thing!
3. Reduce state employee numbers by attrition.
4. The expression, “As the Director shall deem” must be stricken from all legislation. That gives a director a blank check to consume and destroy at whim. Clearly define all functions of a bureaucracy starting now.
5. Reduce state government costs by contracting out as many services as possible. Double up on contract compliance by using both private auditors and state auditors to check contractor efficiency and compliance, and of each other as well. Evaluate not just efficiency, but whether the “service” is even necessary.
Procedure to write-in vote:
1. Push write-in button under state representative. A door will open containing a piece of paper.
2. Write Phillips on the paper and return it to its box. It’s easy.