From the pages of the Smyrna/Clayton Sun-Times, Oct. 17, 1990

From the Sun-Times
Oct. 17, 1990

Smyrna approves Kent General site, zoning
By John Flood

First Kent General planned to build on Carter Road, then out on Glenwood Ave. Now they’re on Carter Road again.

Smyrna Town Council zoned 10 acres on Carter Road and Rt. 300 to highway commercial Monday night, and it looks like the hospital will finally have a home....

The Kent General facility will provide lab services, offices for Kent General doctors with Smyrna patients and a family practice office, according to Kent General Vice President Kathlyn Hall.

“We’re looking to the future of Smyrna,” said Hall. “We’ve been pursuing this project quite aggressively and plan to break ground before the first of the year.”...

Eagles back in form with 26-12 win over Friends
By Jay Davis

The foggy, damp weather didn’t keep the Smyrna Eagles from soaring to a 26-12 victory over Wilmington Friends last Friday night at Smyrna’s footballs stadium.

The Eagles, on a comeback from last week’s 14-12 loss to Laurel, were ready to dominate and bring their record to 4-1....

Smyrna High senior superlatives

Best looking – Dave Nardo, Nicole Thornton
Most athletic – Keandre Summers, Sherry Foraker
Best couple – Chad Crawford, Marti Armstrong
Class clown – Jon Justice, Natalie Straugh
Class flirt – Victor Cox, Lorie Hoisington
Most likely to succeed – Blair Willis, Kristi Wallace
Best all around – Victor Cox, Kristi Wallace
Best personality – Victor Cox, Kristi Wallace
Most talented – Ronnie Settle, Dana Jones
Most school spirit – Victor Cox, Lorie Hoisington

SHS faculty experience halt in ordering supplies
By Pam Severson, Smyrna High School Eagle Eye

Because Delaware revenue has decreased, Governor Michael Castle has put a “freeze” on all educational expenditures in Delaware. In Smyrna, the school board has already started tightening the financial belt. This includes utilities, bus contracts, and salaries....

Starlab makes learning fun
By Chris French, Smyrna High School Eagle Eye

Whoever said that learning couldn’t be fun? They must not have seen the Starlab planetarium at Smyrna High on loan from Star Enterprises.

The Starlab is a 30-foot dome equipped with a projector for the viewing of star constellations, star charts, and even plate tectonics. It is simple to operate and needs only one person to inflate the 10 and 1/2 foot balloon-like structure.

Once inside the Starlab, students are seated in a circle around the projector in the center. The instructor sits near the center where he or she can be easily heard. As the projector accessories turn, stars and constellations are projected on the outside walls....

Ms. Amy Quillen, biology teacher, was instrumental in acquiring the Starlab for Smyrna High students....

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