Profiles of Democrat incumbent Sen. Bruce Ennis and Republican challenger


Bruce C. Ennis
Age 71
Party Democrat

Occupation State Senator; served as a Delaware State Trooper retiring as staff captain; served in the Delaware National Guard from 1958 to 1964,
Civic organizations Citizens’ Hose Co. No. 1, Inc., Life Member & Director, Past President, Past Chief; Smyrna-Clayton July 4th Association, Director & Past Chairman; Smyrna Clayton Postal Advisory Council, charter member; Dover Elks Lodge No. 1903, member; Del Vets Post No. 2, member; American Legion, David C. Harrison Post No. 14, member; Smyrna-Clayton Moose Lodge No. 2406, member
Political experience State representative in the 28th district from 1983 to 2007, state senator in the 14th district from 2007 to present.
Years in 14th District 71

What makes you the best candidate for this office?
During my tenure in the General Assembly, I have worked on many vital constituent issues. A strong commitment to community has always been the cornerstone of my work on behalf of my constituents. I have seen the results that positively impacted our communities. The issues include sensible growth policies, expanded agricultural land preservation, transportation planning and expanded public safety measures.
If re-elected, I will continue to fight for those issues as well as for education reform, health care, childcare, energy cost savings, good jobs and the growth of small business and improvement of the economy.
When it comes to constituent services, I have been a hands-on, full-time legislator and have a strong record of community involvement. My primary motivation for serving in the state senate is for continued interaction with my constituents and representing their views and concerns in the General Assembly.


John A. Moritz
Age 54
Party Republican

Occupation Owner/president of Delta Engineering Corporation
Political experience None
Years in 14th District 8

What makes you the best candidate for this office?
I own and operate a business located in New Castle, which competes globally and provides engineering services and issues FAA approvals to the major airlines around the world. I am extremely concerned about our current economy and the direction our government is going.
The negative impact of actions by our government, including out-of-control spending, growth of the deficit and wrong policy choices, is felt by many Americans. We are witnessing an unprecedented burden that will be borne by future generations. Therefore, I feel compelled to seek political office to help restore our government to policies of fiscal responsibility.
Our government has pursued a short-sighted “tax and spend” philosophy, which takes more hard-earned money from our citizens to temporarily fix problems government has created. This isn’t what the founders of our country intended.
Our current career politician voted to reduce State employees’ pay by 2.5 percent instead of reducing other government spending, like stopping the $1+ billion U.S. 301 project. Our current career politician voted to increase the State’s budget by an unbelievable 6.5 percent, instead of requiring the State’s spending to be consistent with the economy. Again we’ll have to pay through increased taxation, taking from all of us.