Dozens of dead fish were found at Lake Como June 18, 19, and 20.


WHAT WAS FOUND: Some small dead fish recently washed up along the banks of Lake Como in Smyrna. A reader emailed the Sun-Times about spotting dead fish on Friday and Saturday.

Fisheries biologist Cathy Martin of the Division of Fish & Wildlife said on Monday that she counted about 100 dead fish around Lake Como. The dead fish were mostly small black crappie, about 2-5 inches in length, she said.

WHAT HAPPENED: It’s unclear what exactly killed the fish, Martin said.
“It’s not normal, but that’s a relatively small number of fish in a lake that size,” she said. “It was pretty small scale.”
Martin said the oxygen and pH levels at the lake were both fine.
“Obviously something happened, but something relatively small,” she said. “It was localized.”

WHAT TO DO: If residents spot more dead fish in the future, they can contact the Division of Fish & Wildlife at 302-739-9914.