Kent Buckson of Rehoboth Beach won the "Team Bricks Invitational Triathlon" Saturday in Smyrna, hosted by Bricks MultiSport and Fitness. The Delaware Senior Olympics Triathlon was held in conjuction with the event.

Bricks MultiSport and Fitness hosted the “Team Bricks Invitational Triathlon” Saturday at Lake Como in Smyrna in conjunction with the Delaware Senior Olympics Triathlon.

The event featured a quarter-mile swim, followed by a bicycle ride to Kenton and back to Lake Como, and finally a five-kilometer (3.1 mile) run through Smyrna.

Kent Buckson of Rehoboth Beach won the Team Bricks Invitational.

Winners in the Delaware Senior Olympics event were:
Women, ages 60-64: Marie Neaves;
Men, ages 50-54: Bob Brown;
Men, ages 55-59: Jim Hutchison;
Men, ages 60-64: Jack Powell;
Men, ages 65-69: Bill Moyer.

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