Last week, consultants from Arnett Muldrow & Associates came to work with the town in coming up with a community brand for the Town of Smyrna.

THE PROJECT Last week, consultants from Arnett Muldrow & Associates came to work with the town in coming up with a community brand for the Town of Smyrna. The consultant, Ben Muldrow, met with officials from the town and community members in a series of workshops on Oct. 18. Then Muldrow was given a tour around Smyrna to conduct his own research.

The brand will help create an identity unique to Smyrna but it’s more than just a brand. The town hopes it will not only encourage people to visit Smyrna but remind them that Smyrna’s more than just what’s seen driving down Route 13.

The branding project costs $7,000, half of which was covered by the Delaware Economic Development Office. The Smyrna Downtown Renaissance Association contributed $500 but the town had to pay for the remaining $3,000 because they didn’t receive a grant as originally planned. The remaining amount was paid for with money that was allocated in the town budget for promotional materials.

Arnett Muldrow & Associates have done such projects on seven other towns in the state including Newark, Milton and Middletown.

WHAT’S HAPPENED Muldrow unveiled the brand Thursday at town hall. The discussions and tours earlier in the week allowed for Muldrow to get a sense of the culture, which he said is full of a rich history. While most towns feel they are historic, Muldrow said Smyrna actually has an interesting history but is also progressing as a town.

“I’ll admit, I’m one of those people who drive up and down Route 13, and if I was asked if I had been to Smyrna, I would say yes,” Muldrow said. “We need to make sure people know about us as they’re driving past town. We need to make sure they realize there’s more to Smyrna.”

The brand takes into account the history that is Smyrna from the historic buildings to the hunting to the fact that the town was once called Duck Creek. The graphic Muldrow designed includes an image of the Opera House and ducks. Written on the circular image is “Town of Smyrna Delaware. Founded 1768.”

The colors used take into consideration the schools colors, red and white, and the fact that the town website uses orange and blue. The end result is a warm-colored graphic that signifies the culture that is Smyrna.

Throughout the meeting, Muldrow went through a range of examples of how the brand can be used in town signs, business cards, and brochures.

Following the meeting, those in attendance were happy with the end result of the project.

“I love it, I absolutely loved it. He blew me away, he was so refreshing,” said Janet Vinc, manager of planning and zoning. “It’s very exciting, very interesting. It’s a nice change of direction”

Town Councilman Anthony DeFeo was impressed and thinks Muldrow did a lot of nice work in putting together the brand.

“I think it’s the type of change that we need,” DeFeo said. “It’ll help bring visitors and businesses into our town. It’s a wonderful place to come and do business here.”

WHAT’S NEXT The branding project will now need to go to Town Council so they can review it, Vinc said. From there, the town will have to decide how to implement the project.

“They’ll have to decide if they want to implement it in one swoop or gradually,” Vinc said.

With the approval of Town Council, the graphic will need to be put on town vehicles, business cards and so on that include the current town brand. Vinc said this wouldn’t be too much of an additional cost because they would need to reorder more supplies eventually. Now if the brand is approved, the town would reorder supplies with the new logo.

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