In October, Ben Muldrow of Arnett Muldrow & Associates introduced the community brand he designed to members of the Smyrna community at town hall.

THE PROJECT In October, Ben Muldrow of Arnett Muldrow & Associates introduced the community brand he designed to members of the Smyrna community at town hall. The big reveal came after Muldrow spent three days in town researching Smyrna through a series of workshops and getting to know the town through a tour.

The brand will help create an identity unique to Smyrna but it’s more than just a brand. The town hopes it will not only encourage people to visit Smyrna but remind them that Smyrna’s more than just what’s seen driving down Route 13.

The branding project costs $7,000, half of which was covered by the Delaware Economic Development Office. The Smyrna Downtown Renaissance Association contributed $500 but the town had to pay for the remaining $3,000 because they didn’t receive a grant as originally planned. The remaining amount was paid for with money that was allocated in the town budget for promotional materials.

The company has done such projects on seven other towns in the state including Newark, Milton and Middletown.

WHAT’S HAPPENED Muldrow unveiled the brand to Smyrna Town Council Nov. 21 prior to the regularly scheduled Town Council meeting.

Through his research, Muldrow created a brand that takes into account the history that is Smyrna from the historic buildings to the hunting to the fact that the town was once called Duck Creek. The graphic Muldrow designed includes an image of the Opera House and ducks. Written on the circular image is “Town of Smyrna Delaware. Founded 1768.”

“People say they’ve been to Smyrna because they drove down Route 13 and saw Hardee's and Royal Farm. They have no clue of the historic downtown area,” Muldrow said.

All the work that was done by Muldrow is now property of the town, including the hundreds of photos taken throughout the process. Town Manager Dave Hugg even presented a brochure staff put together as an example of how the town can use Muldrow’s imagery.

Hugg also mentioned a recent visit to the Kent County Economic Development Summit and how it would’ve been nice to have similar materials to promote Smyrna. “I think that’s the real benefit to this type of exercise. It’s pretty impressive what Ben was able to put together on a couple of rainy days,” Hugg said.

Following his presentation, Muldrow told Town Council of his chance to visit Bombay Hook and how it’s just one example of what makes Smyrna stand out from other towns.

“I’m very, very excited about the opportunity that Smyrna has and I’m really excited to see as you craft the vision for your own future,” Muldrow said. “I’m really excited to see the next iteration of Smyrna, Delaware. You are a stunning place.”

WHAT’S NEXT Hugg said the community brand will go back to the Business Development Committee where they’ll decide how to move forward in the project as the town needs to decide on how to implement the project, whether it’s one swoop or gradually.

“We’ll work with Ben to get the final report to the Business Development Committee,” Hugg said. “If we want to adopt a new town seal, council has to approve it.”

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