As a fundraising effort for Children's Miracle Network at Johns Hopkins Children's Center, mentalist and illusionist Dan Cain of Hartly will attempt to predict the winner of Super Bowl XLVI, the score, and a highlight Jan. 19 at The Greene Turtle in Maryland. He will also perform at a dinner show at Georgetown's The Brick Hotel Jan. 21.

As a fundraising effort for Children's Miracle Network at Johns Hopkins Children's Center in Maryland, mentalist and illusionist Dan Cain will attempt to predict the winner of Super Bowl XLVI, the score and a highlight from the game, on Thursday, Jan. 19 at The Greene Turtle in Salisbury, Md.

The prediction will be locked in a plexiglass box at The Greene Turtle. On the night of the Super Bowl, Feb. 5, the prediction will be opened at the restaurant to see if Cain was right. A silent auction will be held at the event, in which all proceeds will benefit the John Hopkins Children's Center.

IF YOU GO - Super Bowl prediction
WHAT Mentalist Dan Cain at the Green Turtle
WHEN 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 19
WHERE The Greene Turtle, 2618 N. Salisbury Blvd., Maryland
COST Admission is free; price of items in silent auction varies
INFO or call (410) 860-9991

In addition, Cain will attempt to levitate a table at Georgetown’s The Brick Hotel during a dinner show on Jan. 21.

Cain, who lives in Hartly and works in Smyrna, took the time to answer questions about his predictions for the Sun-Times.

Q How did the idea of predicting the winner of the Super Bowl, score and a highlight come about?
A I [successfully] did a headline prediction for the Smyrna/Clayton Sun-Times and the Delaware State News, and there was a promoter from Salisbury named Dave Coleman, who attended that event, and it was held in Smyrna [at Treadz-N-Threadz]. A few months ago he contacted me and wanted me to [perform] in Salisbury for the Children’s Miracle Network down there. I gave the proceeds from the 2010 event to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. [Dave] wanted me to do a prediction event in Salisbury, because that’s his stomping ground and that’s where he promotes. I said, “OK, I can do that.” He said, “But I don’t want a headline prediction; I want a prediction for the Super Bowl.”

Q What’s your method behind predicting this year’s Super Bowl winner? And how would your prediction differ from a gambler who’d successfully pick the winner and final score of the game?
A It’s a little easier to predict a winner based on stats. You can work with numbers to come up with a spread, but there’s no statistic that will give them the ability to predict a highlight of a game.

Q Someone could argue that a star running back, who averaged 100 yards rushing per game, during the regular season, would likely have a highlight in the Super Bowl.
A I was thinking more specific: for instance, I’m not saying this so you could use it as one my predictions, but [I could predict] number 33 runs in for a 78-yard touchdown and flips in the endzone. It’s a very specific highlight for the game.

IF YOU GO - Dinner Show
WHAT Mentalist Dan Cain at The Brick Hotel
WHEN 8 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 21
WHERE The Brick Hotel on the Circle, 18 The Circle, Georgetown
COST $15
INFO To RSVP call Brick Hotel at (302) 856-1836

Q From your experience, explain how mentalism works.
A I’m an individual who has the ability to, I guess, identify and manipulate one or more elements of the human psyche. I have focused my efforts in the areas of what people call ESP (extra sensory perception), thought reading, psycho kinesis, and the power of suggestion.

Q Can anyone acquire ESP?
A I believe that everyone has that ability. You have to learn how to sharpen it, just like you can sharpen your memory.

Q What are some ways you’ve enhanced your skills?
A Be very observant. You have to have a lot of life experience in order to identify certain things about certain people. As far as what I do to prepare, I meditate. I think what I explained to one of the reporters recently is I get images, and I write those images down.

Q Have you seen images indicating who’s going to win the Super Bowl?
A Yes.

Q Have you ever been wrong with a prediction?
A I estimate that I’m over 90 percent right in my present shows.

Q Explain why you’ve been wrong 10 percent of the time?
A For instance, someone will pick an object in a room and I’ll pick an object next to the one they picked, or someone writes down a number and I’ll be two numbers off.

Q What will you do if your prediction is wrong?
A I’ll never perform again.

Q On the flipside, what happens if your prediction is right?
A The future is open to so many possibilities; who knows who would want to talk to me after that.