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  • 'The Reggy Show' to school kids on fire safety, healthy living, and bully prevention

  • We’ve all been taught to not ignore that most bullies are insecure, or that eating right is dynamite. We’ve also been informed to say “boo” to huffing glue, but that’s an aside.

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  • We’ve all been taught to not ignore that most bullies are insecure, or that eating right is dynamite. We’ve also been informed to say “boo” to huffing glue, but that’s an aside.
    The aforementioned, of course, are ancient facts of life. But do today’s youth know these truths? Furthermore, how do you educate them on these topics without boring them to death in this digital era?
    Friends, the answer lies in “The Reggy Show,” which will kickoff at the Everett Theatre on Friday.
    As for the first question, the answer is: Unless you’re a gambler and want to find out the hard way, refer to the answer of the second question.
    Here are three fun facts to know about “The Reggy Show.”
    1. Peek into the crystal ball
    Important themes that Reggy — “the purple dude” from the plum planet Funfurhuggonia — and his motley crew will tackle at “The Reggie Show” will include fire safety, making healthy choices and anti-bullying, said Chris Bruce, 32, of Wilmington, co-founder of Raymond Entertainment Group, based in Newark.
    Reggy, who has been adopted as the official spokesperson for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware, doesn’t re-invent the wheel when it comes to educating kids on those issues. He does, however, put shiny rims on that wheel, which is his formula to getting kids and parents engaged in the fun-filled show.
    For instance, rather than wrap kids in a dusty old blanket and warn them not to play with matches, children will learn about fire safety through Reggy’s pal Douser, the non-fire breathing dragon. Douser, who ironically squirts water, will educate and entertain kids with a few fire prevention activities like the “Hot or Not” game, in which the dragon will force children to consider various household items that could potentially burn them.
    Since “The Reggie Show” is designed to entertain, audiences can expect to hear sweet beats and even see breakdancing when Reggy’s Boogie Buddy Dance Crew take the stage, rocking to the fresh tunes of DJ Hot Pocket (Jordan Hines) who will also be the show’s emcee.
    “It’s a wild ride and a lot of fun,” Bruce said.
    2. Distant cousins
    Ever hear of the Philadelphia Phillies’ mascot the Philly Phanatic? Well Reggy is his cousin… kind of. Dave Raymond, the other co-founder of Raymond Entertainment Group, made his claim to fame as the Philadelphia Phillies’ original mascot when he took the post in 1978 through 1994. Though Reggy and the Phanatic aren’t blood related, Bruce said he and Raymond still consider the plush buddies to be next of kin.
    Page 2 of 2 - 3. Funfurhuggonia
    Reggy’s ancestors also hail come from Funfurhuggonia. And if you ever come across Funfurhuggonia in your own travels, you’ll know it immediately by its distinct orange glow and two rotating rings.
    One ring is purple much like the Funfurhuggins themselves and the other a bright green from out of this world. It’s not completely certain how the Funfurhuggins voyaged to Earth, but the first record of their existence here are in cave drawings dating back more than 32,000 years ago. The drawing depicts what looks like a Funfurhuggin riding a bull-like animal.

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