Residents in Clayton are no longer a part of the 8th Representative District and are instead split between the 28th and 29th districts.

For the last decade, residents in the Town of Clayton have voted in the 8th Representative District.

When residents in the area go to vote in the upcoming 2012 election, Rep. S. Quinn Johnson will not be a choice, as Clayton is no longer in the 8th Representative District. Instead, because of last year’s redistricting process, residents will be voting in either the 28th or 29th Representative districts.

The boundaries for the 8th District have been moved north, taking Rep. Quinn Johnson with it.

So how exactly has the Town of Clayton been divided up between the 28th and 29th districts?

The older, downtown portion of Clayton is in 28th District. More specifically, the core of the town will be in the 01-28 sub-district of the 28th District. This includes from School Lane to the east side of town.

The area west of downtown Clayton will be in the 29th District. Sub-district 01-29 includes the land from Millington Road and Alley Corner Road to Wheatley’s Pond Road. Sub-district 02-29 is from Wheatley’s Pond Road to South Carter Road.

Clayton Mayor Tom Horn and Councilman Robert Lightcap don’t understand the reasoning behind splitting up a town between two districts.

“With our town boundary, we should all be in one district,” Horn said. “It’s ridiculous they divide any towns up.”

Lightcap added the split in representative districts could be confusing for the voters: “You have people that live on one street and they’re getting calls from candidates from different districts.”

Running for the 28th District is Rep. William Carson. At this point, Carson is running unopposed but the Republican party has until Tuesday, Sept. 4 to nominate a candidate.

Facing off in the 29th District is Rep. Lincoln Willis and challenger Charles “Trey” Paradee.

Even though Rep. Quinn Johnson will no longer represent residents, Horn and Lightcap have worked with some of the candidates for the 28th and 29th districts before.

Rep. Lincoln Willis helped last summer in cleaning up vacant lots in Huntington Mills. Rep. William Carson and Sen. Bruce Ennis, D-14th District, are supporting Clayton Fire Company in getting state funding from the State of Delaware Community Transportation Fund to improve the front apron and sidewalks of the facility located on Railroad Avenue in town.

Clayton residents in the 28th District will vote at Smyrna Middle School. Residents in the 29th District will vote at Clayton Fire Hall.

The General Election will be on Tuesday, Nov. 6.