Where and how to vote if you're in college out of state or from another state

When the Nov. 6 General Elections roll around, college is still in session and many students may not be in their home state.

If you're a student from Delaware attending college out of state or a student from another state attending college in Delaware, you're vote can still count.

The Delaware Department of Elections allows for students out of state to cast an absentee ballot and for those making Delaware a temporary home while continuing their education in the first state to have a voice.

Here are five things to know about voting if you are a college student in or from Delaware or the parent of a college student who is living out of state:

Many college students vote using an absentee ballot. Those who are registered to vote in Delaware already and are unable to vote at their designated polling place should submit an affidavit as soon as possible request an absentee ballot for the general election. The application can be found online at the Department of Election's website. The Department of Elections encourages students to complete this process as soon as possible- as soon as the students' address for the fall semester is known. It is suggested that an absentee ballot be submitted at least 30 days before the election.Students who are from another state but are living in Delaware for college can register to vote here if they meet a certain criteria. The would-be voter has to show proof that they intend to make Delaware their home by presenting either a Delaware driver's license, a bill with their Delaware address on it, or any other document where the student lists a Delaware address as where they live.Students who are from Delaware but are attending college in a different state can register to vote online if they have not yet done so. This can be done by using the State of Delaware's online registration tool or by mail. The deadline to register for the General Election is the fourth Sunday before the event.Voters receive a card in the mail designating their polling place, which is generally in the area that their permanent address is. Delaware citizens can submit absentee ballots if they cannot make it to the polling place or can vote in person at the Department of Elections. Ballots are generally available at the Department of Elections 30 days before the primary election. In-person voting can be done up until noon the day before the election and absentee ballots must be mailed no later than four days before an election.Students who are attending college in Delaware but still claim their home state as their home should contact the appropriate persons in their home state or local election jurisdiction. Information on the other 49 states can also be found on line. Out-of-state students are also encouraged to give themselves at least 30 days to cast an absentee ballot before the General Election.