The election for the 28th Representative District seat is between Democratic incumbent William Carson, 61, and Republican challenger Chris Sylvester, 25.

As with most of the state, the theme of jobs and economy continue to be issues for the 28th District which spans the eastern part of north and central Kent County. The towns in this district include Smyrna, Dover, Leipsic and Little Creek.

Carson hoping for third term

Rep. William Carson was first elected in 2007 when then-Rep. Bruce Ennis was elected to the state Senate following the death of longtime senator Jim Vaughn. Carson was re-elected in 2008 and 2010.

So why is Carson running for re-election? To continue his commitment to public service that began long before he was elected to a political office.

"I want to continue to work in state government to protect the quality of life for residents of the 28th District and the state of Delaware," Carson said. "I want to help maintain a balanced budget and the triple A bond rating, and my commitment to open government."

Some of his accomplishments thus far in his time as Representative of the 28th District include sponsoring and co-sponsoring legislation to assist senior citizens, first responders, commercial fisherman, farmers and Veterans. And he serves on several committees to make his district a better place to work and live including the agriculture, corrections, and Veterans Affairs committees.

If re-elected, Carson knows jobs and the economy will continue to be issues so he plans on continued work with the Joint Finance Committee, the Bond Committee, and local businesses. He hopes to create jobs by prompting small businesses, and reducing taxes on those businesses to promote growth in the community. Other key issues deal with education, first responders, Veterans, senior citizens, local agriculture, and the size of the government.

Carson is a life-long resident of Smyrna and it's that factor along with his years of active participation in community organizations such as Citizens' Hose Company and honorary commander of Dover Air Force Base that he said make him the right candidate: "I understand the needs and concerns of the residents of the 28th District. I am always available and will continue to serve to the citizens of the district."

Sylvester provides options to voters

Smyrna resident Chris Sylvester may have tipped his hat in the ring late for the 28th District, but he did so in order to give constituents another choice when voting on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

"The current path Delaware is on is leading to more government control and regulation," Sylvester said. "The rights and liberties of the individuals are not being properly protected. I feel that an uncontested candidate would result in the loss of voice of the people through their representation in Dover."

Delaware needs a stronger economy today that will last for future generations, Sylvester said. Moreover the economy needs to be conducive for job creation. Sylvester feels the way to achieve this is to have leaders in Delaware that will stop the passage of unnecessary laws and roll-back the regulations that restrict property owners and small businesses. Another key issue includes restraining taxes and controlling of government spending so businesses are given the freedom to grow.

Sylvester believes in a government that will protect the rights and liberties of the citizens. It is his faith in Delaware that provides Sylvester with hope for the future of Delaware because Delawareans are naturally hard workers. Sylvester believes his experience working for the state, service as Chairman of the 28th Representative District Republican Committee and tenure as president of his HOA have prepared him to be a leader.

"I offer the residents of the 28th District someone with a fresh outlook on how government should responsibly represent their constituents," he said. "I will be able to represent the constituents when voting on legislation without the burden of long-term established relationships with special interest groups influencing decisions."

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