Get to know 9th District Representative, Rebecca Walker

Delaware native Rebecca Walker is running for a second term in the Delaware House of Representatives. The Townsend woman has no opponent for the Nov. 6 general election and says that she is looking forward to serving the communities for another two years.

Q. What originally made you want to run for the Delaware House?

A. I am a native Delawarean who has lived through significant changes in our communities and I wanted to be able to affect real change while protecting our district by being an independent voice. I think its important to advocate for working families, be fiscally conservative, work to give a voice to our children and elderly, and protect our farmland.

Q. How do you feel about being unopposed this year? Why do you think no one chose to run against you?

A. I am unopposed and I am grateful for the opportunity to continue working for the communities for another two years. This has allowed me to focus my efforts on organizing and conducting forums for families and constituents to connect with local legislators to assure that those we represent have a voice and know what we are doing in Dover. I work hard to advocate for the 9th District and keep people informed. I hope that is the reason why no one chose to run against me.

Q. What do you feel the most important issues Delaware as a state is facing right now?

A. Our economy and our kids are at the top of my list. In my two years we have seen significant job growth in the MOT area and we have worked hard to bring good paying jobs to this area. Strong corporations such as Johnson Controls, Amazon and Christiana Care have joined the MOT community. Our schools have expanded programs to meet the needs of our kids and improve their marketability at graduation, safety plans have been put in place to protect our children and we continue to find ways to help our future Delawareans grow to become successful members of communities.

Q. What do you feel the most important issues the Middletown area is facing right now?

A. Other than job growth and protecting our kids, I believe that protecting our open space and farmlands is very important. We need to make sure that one of Delaware's most valuable resources is not lost. We can do this by supporting our local farmers, assuring there is access to the services they need to continue farming, and offer programs designed to promote smart growth without injuring our current residents or farming families.

Q. Do you have any legislation planned for the next year that you would like to share information about?

A. There are several issues we are currently working on. We are looking for ways to trim the State budget while continuing to provide services, through streamlining processes and eliminating waste. Being fiscally conservative is important for the future of those services the State provides. We are also looking at those issues facing families and students, local businesses and access to services. Legislation is always being reviewed or worked on, but sometimes more laws is not the answer. I find that far too often improving efficiency and supporting local programs works best.


Hometown Townsend, Del.

Occupation Nurse Attorney

District 9 areas include Odessa, Port Penn, Middletown, Townsend, Smyrna

Years in politics 2