Bullock won with 65 percent of the approximately 232,500 votes cast.

The Nov. 6 elections overhauled New Castle County government's leadership.

Not only did Democrat Tom Gordon unseat Paul Clark for County Executive, but also Rev. Chris Bullock, a Democrat, won the race for County Council President.

Bullock won with 65 percent of the approximately 232,500 votes cast.

His opponent, Republican Mike Protack, received about 81,500 of the votes.

Tom Kovach, who is serving out the remainder of his term as Council President, did not seek reelection this year. He ran on the Republican ticket against Rep. John Carney for a chance to represent Delaware in the House of Representatives, but lost.

Bullock, a pastor from Wilmington, campaigned on the platform of bringing the people together and making County government open, honest, and ethical.

He also emphasized that the county needs to hold developers accountable for unfinished developments.

"Barley Mill was a teachable moment," Bullock said during an Oct. 20 candidate forum. "It was done all wrong, but can be done right with leadership."

In September, Bullock won the Democratic primary against Renee Taschner. He has said that his driver is that he wants to bring people together.

"It's an opportunity to bring people together and do something special with the county," Bullock said during the Oct. 20 forum. "We should look for opportunities to work together and make New Castle County a place to be proud of."

Gordon said Tuesday night that he looks forward to working with Bullock, who he describes as a good friend.

"He's greatly qualified," Gordon said.

Bullock, who holds a Doctorate of Ministry degree from the United Theological Seminary, has served the state in several ways.

He has served as Delaware State Commissioner on Public Integrity and on Minority Health.

He is the Chairman of the OIC of Delaware, holds a role with the Delaware Coalition for Prison Reform for Justice, and is also on the board for the Delaware HIV Consortium.

The Delaware Fraternal Order of Police endorsed bullock in October.