Smyrna Town Council has a full agenda for their meeting Monday, Nov. 19 as they are set to discuss both the proposed 2013 budget and the proposed police station expansion.

The Finance Committee voted to forward their proposed 2013 budget to council in their own meeting on Wednesday night. The Committee passed a motion on a budget that includes taking $511,000 out of a general reserve fund, a two-cent tax increase, and restricting the spending of $289,000 until March when the 2012 numbers are finalized and the town has a better sense of where the economy is. The suggestion was made after the committee couldn't agree on taking the money from the Rainy Day Fund, something some council members didn't agree with either, and the committee doesn't want a large tax increase either.

Added to the agenda earlier this week is a presentation by Fearn-Clendaniel Architects of the revised proposal for the police building expansion as well as a recommendation from the Police Building Committee to approve Fearn-Clendaniel to proceed with the expansion.

The presentation and recommendation come after council previously approved a motion for the town to look for proposals from other companies in hopes of getting the price down to $3.5 million from the original price of $4.9 million. However, at another council meeting Councilwoman Regina Brown, chair of the Police Building Committee, suggested Fearn-Clendaniel should get a chance to cut the price down since they did the feasibility study. Council approved the motion and sent the expansion back to the committee for further work.

Other items on the agenda include a presentation by Tim Sparrow on behalf of the Smyrna Library Guild, discussion and vote on matter involving Smyrna Municipal Park, discussion and vote on recommendation on possible donation for victims of Hurricane Sandy, and a certificate of appreciation awarded to George Wright for his years of dedication to Smyrna.

Council will also go into an Executive Session.