Several topics were at the forefront of Clayton Town Council's meeting on Tuesday, including a final site plan approval for Ovations, an agreement to enforce the building code, and recommendations addressing the parking concerns in town. However, there were several other items also discussed.

Paving projects

The town's overlay project that was approved in May started on Nov. 14.

"We've been working on this for a while but it's actually getting ready to start," Hurlock said. "They hope to be cleaned up and out of town by Thanksgiving."

The three streets are South Bassett Street between Smyrna Avenue and Wheatley's Pond Road, Smyrna Avenue between Reed Street and Dickerson Street, and Highland Avenue between West Street and Duck Creek Road. The three streets cost approximately $120,000.

Budget update

Clayton Town Council couldn't take action on the proposed 2013 budget at the Nov. 13 meeting. It will be put on the agenda for the December meeting to be voted on by council. At this point in time, there are no tax or fee increases included in the budget, which Councilman Dave Letterman previously said is a "basic balanced budget through cuts and maintaining the status quo."

Council tidbits

Hurlock said he held a preliminary subdivision meeting with St. Joe's and apparently they may sell the land in four different parcels. Hurlock said it was just a preliminary meeting and he hasn't received a formal application yet.Clayton Council approved the permit for the Smyrna-Clayton July 4th Association's Christmas Parade on Friday, Nov. 23. The parade will go down Main Street, turn left on Reed Street and breakup at Metal Master's.Hurlock asked council's permission to request Delaware Solid Waste Authority to remove the recycling bins at the town's water treatment plant. Since residents have recycling containers, Hurlock said the bins aren't really needed. Council approved the request.Council approved a recommendation to update the town clerk to office manager and to bring the part-time clerk on as full-time; both upgrades will take affect Jan. 1.Council approved the purchase of a used backhoe not to exceed $40,000. The purchase was discussed at a recent Budget Committee meeting; the backhoe will be purchased in the 2012 budget.Email Jennifer Dailey at