Smyrna Police provided an update Thursday afternoon to the suspicious vehicle that was seen at Smyrna Elementary Monday afternoon.

While it was originally reported that a man in a silver Dodge pickup up pulled up and motioned for a boy to come over, it is now being reported that the vehicle was a silver Hummer H2 with no spare tire on the back. The boy said the driver was a white male with a thin beard, police said.

Previously reported

A suspicious pickup was seen Monday at Smyrna Elementary, leading the school to send home letters to parents Tuesday afternoon.

Lt. Norman Wood said the Smyrna Police Department received a phone call from a mother saying her son was outside the school Monday when a silver Dodge pickup pulled up, and man motioned for the boy to come over to the vehicle. The child ran inside the building and told school officials.

"We don't know what it was, it could've been innocent but you air on the side of caution," Wood said.