Female students at Smyrna High School will have another sport to choose from in the spring as the Smyrna School Board approved a girls lacrosse team 4-0 at their Nov. 19 meeting. Board member Ron Eby was unable to attend the meeting.

Smyrna High School Athletic Director Bill Schultz said the idea to start a girls lacrosse team was initiated due to an interest from students in the school that currently play in a youth program. Roughly 35 students signed a petition and brought it to Schultz.

"The interest was there and we felt that the interest was there that would sustain it," Schultz said.

The girls lacrosse team will take the same sequence to becoming a varsity program that the boys lacrosse team took three years ago when it was started. The team will play as a JV program in spring 2013, and then move up to the varsity level in spring 2014.

Schultz said there are roughly seven teams in the Henlopen Conference with a girls lacrosse team and 20 to 25 teams throughout the state.

Dover High School, CR High School, and Polytech are some of the Henlopen Conference schools with a lacrosse team.

"I'm excited. Anytime we can provide another avenue or opportunity for students to be active and involved in athletics, I look forward to it," Schultz said.

The costs of the program, Schultz said, are not very substantial as there's not a lot of safety equipment needed. Girls don't wear helmets or shoulder pads. The school will need to order eye guards and uniforms.

Next in the process will be the hiring of a coach and then ordering equipment. The posting for the coaching job will be up in the next few weeks. Schultz doesn't expect finding a coach to be a problem because the area has a decent amount of people involved in the sport.

"We're looking for someone obviously who has an interest in it [lacrosse] and has some experience in it," he said.

Since about 35 girls signed up for the program, Schultz expects the team to have about the same number in its first year. He said the numbers will probably increase from there.

Not only are the female students excited to start the program, but Schultz said the boys lacrosse team is also excited because "they enjoy lacrosse so much, they want to see other people enjoy it too."

Schultz said he loves the game and watching it as a fan is fun because it's action-packed.

"I think it's just exciting for the school and the community to see another opportunity for the kids to play and take part in the program," Schultz said. "It's fun to watch as a fan. As a player you're constantly moving. You're not standing around doing nothing, you're playing. It's fun."

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