Smyrna Town Council discussed several topics at their Dec. 17 meeting, including a robo courtesy call system for delinquent bills as previously reported in the Dec. 19 Smyrna/Clayton Sun-Times. Here are some tidbits from the rest of the meeting:

Town strategic plan

Councilwoman Joanne Masten explained to council that the Personnel Committee believes the council should start doing a yearly strategic plan. The idea stemmed out of the expansion of utilities north of Duck Creek and the possible changes in the town's services and residents because of the project.

"It always seems like the tail is wagging the dog," Masten said. "We think there should be a two-day workshop or something where we could discuss what the plan is for 2013."

Masten noted the town receives this type of information of future projects from town supervisors and the committees, but there's no actual uniform plan to put together the plan and execute it.

Mayor Pat Stombaugh said the strategic plan is done through the Capital Budget and eventually finds it's way to council for approval. But Masten said by the time projects come to council the work is already done without much direction from council.

Masten did say she wasn't sure of how to put together a strategic plan because the year is split up in April because of the town election. Therefore, she questioned if the plan should be put together in January or in May after council's reorganization meeting.

Councilman Jeff Flairty said this is something the town is supposed to do when the Town Manager Dave Hugg goes over the town's priorities at the reorganization meeting.

"Long Range Planning said the same thing. We need to discuss this at the beginning of the year," Flairty said. "We need to filter the priorities down to the committees."

Councilwoman Valerie White suggested not starting until 2014 to do a strategic plan to allow for any new council members elected this year to catch up.

No action was taken on the suggestion.

Smyrna economy looking up

Hugg said it's been a good few weeks from an economic standpoint for Smyrna. He said the sale of the building that most recently housed City Tap has been completed. Legacy Distilling signed the lease to a location on Commerce Street. He also said there's some interest in the Hoffecker car dealership site on Route 13 north of Duck Creek near Paddock Road.

Route 13 corridor update

Councilman Jeff Flairty gave an update on the Route 13 Corridor Plan in terms of the Long Range Planning Committee. He said the committee is looking at all three aspects of the draft plan – north, central, and south.

"We're focused on how future land use will interact with the surrounding neighborhoods," Flairty said.

He said there are a number of potential tweaks and the plan should be scheduled to come back to council by the end of January.

Work to town hall

Hugg said there will be some plumbing work done to Smyrna Town Hall on Monday, Jan. 21. The office will be closed for observance of Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday.

The plumping, which Hugg said was installed in 1976, is starting to fail. Fletchers Plumbing will come in early that day and work as late as possible. Hugg said the repairs will cost a $7,000 or $8,000.

"We want to try and get the repairs done so it doesn't disrupt town hall activities," Hugg said.

Officer promoted

Town Council approved the promotion of Pfc. Evans Leighty to Sr. Pfc.

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