Smyrna Police are going to crack down on speeding drivers and drug use in town with the help of the Quality of Life Unit.

The program, which was previously used in town, started today, Jan. 8.

Police Chief Wil Bordley said the Quality of Life Unit will use three officers — one sergeant and two patrol officers — who will look to improve the quality of life for residents in town.

"The officers will specialize in certain problematic areas," Bordley said. "They will have the ability to focus on a problem while on duty without getting called off for something else."

The Quality of Life Unit is a program previously used in town a few years ago. However, budget cuts and staffing caused the program to be cut.

Councilman Anthony DeFeo, chair of the Public Safety Committee, told Smyrna Town Council in September that the committee was discussing reactivating the program.

"We're having enough issues in our town where I think we need to have this group that's dedicated to sitting on specific issues and not only on patrol. So we can get those areas back under control again," DeFeo said at the time.

Now that the department is back up to full capacity with 23 officers on staff, Bordley said they are able to start the unit back up again.

Some of the areas of concerns the unit will focus on first include speeding on Main Street and West South Street, loitering issues, and areas with drug issues.

"I'm excited about it. It's definitely going to help our town," Bordley said.

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