A handful of residents attended the Smyrna Public Safety Committee meeting Thursday to voice their concerns with speeding in town.

Smyrna resident Leticia Pickett voiced her uneasiness about drivers on Main Street in town. When turning onto Main Street going into town, Pickett said there's no speed limit sign so drivers don't know to slow down.

"We need people to slow down. They're going too fast in a small town," Pickett said. "If you're driving in Clayton or Kenton, you don't speed because you know you'll get a ticket."

Questions were asked about having patrol on Main Street. Lt. Phil Klink said the patrols have been stretched because the department was down four officers. However, the return of the Quality of Life Unit will help.

Councilwoman Joanne Masten brought up the issues of speeding on South Street.

"If you think Main Street is a race track, you don't live on West South Street," Masten said.

Masten said that not only do drivers speed on the road, but also some don't stop at the stop sign at the intersection of South Street and School Lane.

"If they stop at the stop sign at School Lane, they're going 35 to 40 miles per hour," Masten said. "If they don't stop, they're going 50 miles per hour."

Masten noted that she did see an officer running radar one day, and he said he'd stay until he was called on for something else.

Once again Lt. Klink noted the return of the Quality of Life Unit, which consists of three officers, will help with the problem: "They'll definitely do their best to try and get people to slow down."

Councilman Anthony DeFeo, chair of the committee, noted the department does a great job with running radar on Route 13 but it's important to not forget about downtown Smyrna as there's a lot of pedestrian traffic.

DeFeo even suggested possibly putting in stop signs between the intersection of South Street and Carter Road, and the intersection of South Street and School Lane to help with traffic control.

Congestion at Smyrna Elementary

West South Street was also discussed regarding traffic congestion around Smyrna Elementary.

Masten noted that the area near the school is congested in the morning from about 8:10 a.m. to 8:30 a.m., and again in the afternoon from 3:15 p.m. to 3:45 p.m.

"Anyone who lives at the corner of High Street and South Street, or School Lane and South Street, can't get in their driveway or can't get out," Masten said.

Masten said between the buses and parents lining up South Street to drop off/pick up their kids, the road is impassable.

Bordley said traffic congestion shouldn't be a problem with the crossing guard at South Street and School Lane.

The traffic congestion around John Bassett Moore Intermediate School, also located on South Street, was also brought up.

Bordley said he would talk to the transportation supervisor with Smyrna School District, as well as research the problem.

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