Smyrna Town Council discussed several topics at their Jan. 7 meeting, including approving the architect and engineer contracts for the police station project as previously reported in the Jan. 9 Smyrna/Clayton Sun-Times. Here are some tidbits from the rest of the meeting:

Committee vacancies filled

Council unanimously approved the appointments of Michael Reed and David Bruner to the town's Planning & Zoning Commission.

At first, Mayor Pat Stombaugh hesitated to make the appointments because of concerns from a few residents as well as a lack of provided bios. Council requires bios to be submitted so members can learn more about the individual.

Stombaugh said that residents voiced concern because Reed and Bruner are brothers-in-law, and Reed serves on the Historic District Review Board.

Councilwoman Valerie White said, she too, received calls of concerned residents: "I addressed the issue with Janet [Vinc] and it's still coming as her recommendation."

Vinc is the town's manager of Planning & Zoning.

Commission member Keith Faulkner told council he didn't see their family relation as an issue, and that having Reed on both Planning & Zoning and the Historic District Review Board would be an asset.

"We've had to cancel meetings because we didn't have enough members to pass a motion," Faulkner said. "It's embarrassing to cancel a meeting with members of the public there."

Ultimately, as there were no major concerns for other council members, Stombaugh made the appointment, which was approved by council.

Police receive grant money

The Smyrna Police Department received a $29,000 grant from the Office of Highway Safety for the town's DUI and traffic stops.

Chief Wil Bordley said after the meeting that the department got the grant for allowing DUI checkpoints to be set up in Smyrna.

Smyrna Police had 110 DUI arrests in 2012, up from the 96 DUI arrests they had in 2011.

"That's an outstanding job considering we were down four officers," Bordley said.

Fixing streetlights

Councilman Anthony DeFeo brought up the issue of streetlights not working during his Public Safety Committee report.

"I've noticed we've got a lot of streetlights out in town," DeFeo said. "Every now and then we need to have someone ride at night time to see what needs to be fixed."

Town Manager Dave Hugg said he actually received a list of streetlights not working from Councilwoman Joanne Masten and he was sending someone out the next day to fix them. Hugg also asked for the police officers to keep an eye out while on patrol.

"If they see one, have them call the business office with the street address or poll number," Hugg said.

Planning around a town block

Councilman Jeff Flairty said along with continued discussions on the Route 13 Corridor Plan, the Long Range Planning Committee is discussing land use regarding the town block, which includes Main Street and Commerce Street.

Flairty said the committee will discuss how potential development can help out the town block area at their next meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 22 at 5:30 p.m. in the conference room at town hall.

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