Smyrna native Justin Reynolds leads Wilmington-based band's return to his hometown.

It almost seems like you have to be a cryptologist to understand the meaning behind some band names.

Then you have anomalies like the Wilmington-based cover band Delirious Rush, whose name is a transparent description of what the outfit delivers to its listeners.

Delirious Rush, co-fronted by Smyrna native Justin Reynolds, will return to SportZone on Saturday.

Going 'Delirious'

Reynolds and his exuberant bandmates will throw the kitchen sink at listeners this weekend, covering 50 tunes that include a blend of top 40 songs, country and classic rock. Delirious Rush covers songs by Jason Aldean, Bruno Mars, Adele, Cee Lo Green, the Rolling Stones, Katy Perry, Maroon 5 and many others.

"Most of our best compliments we get is about us being very eclectic," said Reynolds, who now lives in Wilmington. He added the other thing the band is constantly praised for is "our energy."

While Reynolds loves to jump around and toss mics to listeners, so they can sing along and feel more apart of the show, Delirious Rush guitarist Tom Walls is famous for amping up crowds in his own special way at SportZone.

"I like to run around the place while playing my guitar and hop onto tables and ledges to put on a good show for everyone," beamed Walls, of Delaware City. "Every time we play there it's awesome."

Being a hometown kid, it's innate that Reynolds brings his A-game in front of his family and "hometown peeps," he explained.

"It's not like watching a human juke box," Reynolds said of the band. "My main objective is to have fun. The crowd doesn't want to see you look like a bump on the log."

New kids on the block

Saturday's show will be the debut of Delirious Rush's new co-front, Jenni Lily, of Wilmington.

"Jenni brings a lot of experience and energy," Reynolds raved. "We wanted someone who could jump in without a lot of leaning curve, and she fits in."

Lily is the successor of recently-retired Delirious co-front, Cher Creswell. Creswell, who is Reynolds' girlfriend, hung up the mic because she'll become a new mommy in June.

"We're having a baby!" beamed Reynolds.

The couple still doesn't know the sex of their child, since last week's ultrasound revealed the baby's legs were crossed, making it impossible to determine the child's gender. Though Reynolds didn't mention when he'll find out the sex of his baby, he says he already has a nickname for the kiddo: "Little Rock Star."

WHAT Delirious Rush in concert
WHEN 9 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 19
WHERE SportZone, 235 Stadium St., Smyrna
COST No cover
INFO or 223-1808