John Bassett Moore Intermediate School 5th grader Andrew Dunn is going to states after winning JBM's School Level National Geographic Bee Thursday afternoon.

JBM is one of two schools for 5th and 6th graders in the Smyrna School District.

After a school-wide effort to narrow the competition down to 10 students, the students went head-to-head in one final school competition Thursday to see who would move forward to the statewide competition. Only nine students participated Thursday because one student moved.

The geography bee included questions that ranged from state capitals, bodies of water, and even international topics.

Associate Principal Debbie Judy moderated the event.

"You've all done a fantastic job to get to this point and we're all so proud of you," she said prior to the start of the geography bee.

The nine finalists were Safa Baqi, Sarah Charles, Lilly Cherriman, Andrew Dunn, Roberto Mercado, Amy Ndiaye, Nick Newill, Edric Suarez, Todd Talmadge.

One by one, the program was narrowed down to three students: Andrew Dunn, Lilly Cherriman, and Sarah Charles. And then it was just Cherriman and Dunn, with Dunn ultimately winning. So what was the winning question? It had to do with the Yaghan nomadic tribe who live on the Isla Grande del Tierra del Fuego between Chile and Argentina.

When it was said and done, Judy said she' never had a student in the finals that guessed all three questions correctly in the round, which Dunn did.

Dunn will participate in the statewide Geographic Bee in April.The National Geographic Bee is held in Washington, D.C.

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