Are you at risk for an ACL injury? Our team offers some perspective & provides tips for preventing the injury.

If you’re a young female athlete, the answer is yes. Unfortunately, this type of ligament tear can end your season and keep you away from physical activity for months.  

Luckily, the sports medicine team at ATI Physical Therapy is here to offer these ACL injury prevention tips:

1. Learn proper body mechanics and address strength deficits. In particular, focus on strengthening hamstring and core muscles.

2. Because females have wider hips than males and more joint laxity, their knees are more likely to buckle in or bow out when jumping and landing.  To help prevent injury, females should focus on bending their knees straight ahead when landing.

3. Injuries often occur when players plant a foot and quickly change direction. To minimize risk, don't extend the leg too far away from you. The knee should remain over the ankle joint.

4. Engage in plyometric/jump training to learn proper technique and improve balance in strength from the front to the back of the thigh.