Smyrna Town Council had a lot to discuss at their Jan. 22 meeting including the police station expansion, a solar facility, and adding two corporal ranks to the police department. Here are a few other tidbits from the meeting:

Bombay Woods HMA addressed

Bombay Woods resident Andrea Beck addressed council regarding the development's Home Maintenance Association issues and asked that they consider creating ordinance to assign a flat tax rate that would occur should a community's HMA be defunct for 12 months.

Council previously approved for the town to file for a receivership to take over the HMA.

However, before council could respond town lawyer Barrett Edwards cut in with a solution.

"We may have found a simpler method where you petition the Court of Chancery asking them to hold an election for a Board of Directors," Edwards said. "Once that board is elected, you go from there as an established Board of Directors."

Edwards then asked Beck if she would be the member to petition the court, since the lawyers can't, and she agreed.

Route 13 Corridor Study Update

Councilman Jeff Flairty said the Long Range Planning and Planning & Zoning committees will take one last look at the draft plan of the Route 13 Corridor Study during their respective February meetings; then the draft plan will go to Town Council for a vote. Residents are urged to go to those meetings to give their input.

Long Range Planning will meet on Tuesday, Feb. 19 while Planning & Zoning will meet on Tuesday, Feb. 20.

Chief named to board

Police Chief Wil Bordley announced he was appointed to the Delaware Police Chiefs Executive Board.

"I was very surprised," Bordley said. "It's a great honor to be a part of that."

Arbor Day set

Councilwoman Joanne Masten said the Shade Tree Commission has chosen Friday, May 3 as the day the town will celebrate both Arbor Day and Earth Day. Masten said the date was partially picked to be done in conjunction with the Smyrna Downtown Renaissance Association's First Friday monthly event.

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