Our annual Bridal Guide is coming out next month, and we're looking for beautiful brides and handsome grooms to fill the pages.

The annual booklet will be published Wednesday, Feb. 27, so make sure you look for it in your copy of the Smyrna/Clayton Sun-Times.

Here are a few things to look forward to in this year's guide:

*How to pick the right dress for your body type: Ladies, no matter what dress you put on, you're bound to look gorgeous for your big day, but there may be a style out there that is the perfect fit for you. Depending on your frame, size, and height there may be a certain cut that is more than right for you.

*Wedding Cake trends: What are the most popular desserts? Whether it's a traditional wedding cake or a cupcake wedding cake, we all have different tastes. But you'll want to make sure your sweet tooth is satisfied.

*Wedding on a budget: Are you on a budget? Your wedding is an important day, and even if you have to be careful with what you spend, it should still be as memorable as possible. We'll explore different ways to plan your big day based on how much you can spend whether it's less than $10,000 or $50,000.

*What's hot, and what's not: A white gown is always in style, flowers are always a must-have, and the music will keep your guests going; but this is 2013. Check out some of the hottest styles and trends for weddings, and what may be a tad bit out of date.

*Send us your pictures! We want your wedding pictures in our Bridal Guide! Share your big day with the community by sending them to ben.mace@doverpost.com.

*Ugliest bridesmaids dresses: While the bride may look gorgeous on her wedding day, the bridesmaids don't always fair quite so well and sometimes are forced to wear ugly dresses. So we're looking for the ugliest bridesmaids dresses. Send us your pictures to ben.mace@doverpost.com and the winner will get a $25 gift card.