Two Smyrna High School football players signed their Letter of Intent today to play football next year at Delaware State University.

Ameer Watson and Darren Helwig, who just happen to best friends, received full scholarships to play at Delaware State.

Both players were named First Team All State this year for their efforts on the football field.

Watson, a tight end and two-year starter, was also recruited by the University of Maine, the University of St. Augustine, and Kutztown, but Delaware State just seemed like the perfect fit.

"I feel accomplished," Watson said. "I'm going to play at the next level and a lot of people said I couldn't do it. And to play at a Division I school, that's great."

With plans of studying criminal justice, Watson is excited to play with Helwig. As a matter of fact, the chance to play football with Helwig in college was a big part in his decision.

As for his success at Smyrna, Watson contributes that to his coaches and playing with Helwig.

"Darren being my best friend was always there," Watson said. "My work ethic was his work ethic."

Helwig, an offensive guard and three-year starter, also said Delaware State just seemed like a good fit. He connected with the coaches and liked that the school was so close to home.

Recruited by other schools such as Monmouth and Coastal Caroline, Helwig said he likes the coaches at Delaware State.

"Most schools sent me a letter or a brochure, but with Delaware State I was called out of class one day and the head coach was there. It showed me they were really serious," Helwig said.

And he can't wait to be one of the few football players to get to take his play to the next level: "Not a lot of athletes play at this level. Two percent go on to play at the college level and I get to be one of them."

Helwig contributes his success at Smyrna to being in the weight room every day for four years. He plans on studying sports medicine because he wants to stay in the field of sports.

He also said being able to play college football with his best friend was also a big factor in his decision.

"It's cool me and my best friend will be playing at the same school," he said.

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