Clayton Town Council read the first reading of an amendment Monday night that will see the Electric Ordinance mirror the Town Ordinance regarding the waiving of late fees.

Councilman Alex Dias said the Electric Ordinance has a paragraph on late payment charges that isn't in the Town Ordinance; therefore, if council approves the change the town is going to put the paragraph in the Town Ordinance.

Dias said the paragraph on late payment charges in the Electric Ordinance reads as follows: "If payment for bills rendered is not received by the town by the 20th of the month, a late payment charge shall be added to the amount due for each metered account. The amount of the late payment charge is listed in the Schedule of Fees and Charges. Payments shall be credited against the most delinquent charges. If the customer requests an exception to the fee, the appeal must be made to the mayor and council. However, the late payment penalty may be waived only if the customer has not been delinquent during the past twelve months. The late payment charge will not be applied to balances which are under dispute provided all other amounts not in dispute are paid when due."

Currently the customer can sign a waiver once in a 12-month period. The late charges are $15 for electric and $15 for water.

The change will now be reviewed by Town Solicitor Scott Chambers, and if there are no issues brought back for a second reading and vote at the next council meeting.

Council approves DEMEC RPS Plan

Council approved a motion to accept the Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation's Renewable Portfolio Standard Compliance Plan.

Town Foreman Jeff Hurlock said it is a state mandated policy that the town has a renewable portfolio plan.

"Our plan falls under DEMEC and what we're basically doing is agreeing to DEMEC's plan," Hurlock said.

The mandate basically requires more green energy use. Each member of DEMEC, which consists of nine Delaware municipalities, falls under DEMEC's plan.

Councilman Dave Letterman asked if residents would be able to find out more information regarding the plan through other sources such as a website.

"I'm sure they can go to DEMEC," Hurlock said. "But if they really have a question they can't get answered, they can come to us."

Donation for fireworks

Council approved a $3,000 grant for the Smyrna-Clayton July 4th Association. The donation will go towards fireworks.

"This was a budgeted item as well as two other grants that we had in the budget," Letterman said. "Each year we give them what we can so this year we decided in the budgeting process to give them $3,000."

Mayor Tom Horn noted he was sure the group would appreciate the donation.

Kudos to the town crew

Councilman Robert Lightcap complimented Hurlock and town workers for quickly paving roads when Clayton received about four inches of snow a couple of weeks ago.

"The four inches were off the streets by noon time," Lightcap said.

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