Clayton Intermediate School held their fifth and sixth grade spelling bees on Feb. 14.

This year's fifth grade participants were Rebecca Lynch, Tristan Rybicki, Taylor Fellows, Jackson Dean, Espie Hart, Matthew Langton, Abigail Walters, and Jacob Cullen.

Tristan Rybicki won the fifth grade spelling bee, with Taylor Fellows finishing in second place and Matthew Langton in third place.

The contestants for the sixth grade were Morgan Holman, Quinn Boyd, Annika Burgoyne, Cesar Herreida, Keegan Holt, Shiann Cochran, Robert Bell, and Jamaine Ashford.

Keegan Holt and Shiann Cochran battled it out for a couple of rounds, before Holt was deemed the winner. With Cochran in second place, the third place finisher was Quinn Boyd.

Rybicki and Holt went on to compete in a spell-off against each other, with Rybicki winning. He will now represent Clayton Intermediate School in the state spelling bee Saturday, March 2 at St. Mark's High School.