The Smyrna and Clayton communities came together for a purpose in February to donate jeans for the "Teens for Jeans" Campaign, a clothing drive done by and Aeropostále.

The campaign was done at Clayton Intermediate School at the urging of fifth grader Taylor Fellows. While the school only had a couple of weeks for the drive, 230 jeans were donated by the Feb. 8 deadline.

Fellows was surprised the school received so many pairs of jeans; she came across the campaign while looking at the Aeropostále website.

"I'm happy because a lot of people are going to get a pair of jeans," Fellows said.

The "Teens for Jeans" campaign began a few years ago by According to their website, 1.7 million teens are homeless and the number one requested item for homeless shelters is a pair of jeans. That's why and Aeropostále came together for the campaign; over 2.5 million pairs of jeans have been donated since 2007.

School nurse Susan Broome helped Fellows with the clothing drive.

"We did very well in the school, but we also did very well in the community," Broome said. "Community groups did collections and brought jeans in, parents from other schools brought some. It was a great community effort."

Once the deadline for donations passed, Fellows and her mother dropped the jeans off at the Aeropostále store in the Dover Mall. She was told during the drop off that Clayton Intermediate School did better than other schools in the area. Some schools received 15 or so pairs of jeans for "Teens for Jeans."

The jeans will now be taken to a local homeless shelter.

Broome said all the fifth grade students received a 25 percent discount from Aeropostále for their efforts. There's also a scholarship up for grabs from but Broome said they have yet to hear anything about it.

Next year's campaign

Fellows said she wants to do a jeans drive for next year's "Teens for Jeans" Campaign because collecting the jeans helps other people in Delaware.

"I definitely want to do this next year but earlier so we can get more [jeans]," Fellows said.

Broome said they're also discussing giving back in other ways, such as hosting a Diabetes Walk at the school. Fellows has helped raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

"I know we're probably not going to cure diabetes, but every little bit counts," Fellows said.

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