Smyrna Town Council had several topics to discuss at their March 4 meeting, including a vacant property on Smyrna/Clayton Boulevard and visitor speaking requirements.

Here are a few other tidbits from the March meeting.

Dangerous building addressed

Town Manager Dave Hugg announced in his report that the dangerous building condition at 2 N. Main St. was addressed by the town.

Hugg said a tree had managed to grow down inside the chimney of the building, which was wedging the bricks outward. Previously a metal band had been put around the chimney to hold it together, but the upper part of the chimney was still breaking apart.

Councilman Anthony DeFeo researched if the situation could be a potentially dangerous situation; the town determined it could be so the town took care of the issue.

Police officers honored

Police Chief Wil Bordley informed council that several officers and department employees were honored at a recent departmental meeting.

Sgt. Michelle Mitchell, who volunteers with the CAPS program, was named the department's 2012 Civilian of the Year. Det. Kevin Fox was named the 2012 Officer of the Year. Fred Moyer and Al Sammons were also honored for their work with the CAPS program.

Bordley informed council of some recent promotions within the department. Earl Timmons and Richard Ogden have been promoted to Telecommunications Specialist II.

Sgt. Brian Moore, who has been with the department for 18 years, was promoted to senior sergeant.

"Senior sergeant is the highest rank an officer can achieve on their own without being selected as a lieutenant, captain, or captain," Bordley said.

Residents address council

Penn Vernon Apartments owner Ken Boulden thanked council for demolishing the vacant TV repair shop at 404 Smyrna-Clayton Boulevard. However, he also asked that the town expedite the process of moving the property to sheriff's sale so they can recoup the money the town spent to demolish the property but also so he can bid on the property.

"I have some exciting ideas that we can develop in cooperation with the town, which would be a major asset. I can't do that if I don't own it," Boulden said.

Joe Sheridan told council the group that put on last year's Craft Beer, Wine & Food Festival would like to do it again.

"We are here to ask you guys to consider using the town insurance and the town non-profit to run this event because it is a town event," Sheridan said.

The item will be discussed at the Finance Committee's Wednesday, March 13 meeting.

Council establishes standing committees

Council approved a resolution that established which town committees would be considered standing committees.

The resolution states that the following committees are standing committees: Business Development, Charter Review, Finance, Long Range Planning, Personnel, Public Safety, and Utility.

The Compensation Committee, which was a topic of consideration at a previous council meeting, was originally included in the resolution but was taken off.

Councilwoman Regina Brown suggested that the Compensation Committee be a standing committee that not only determines the council's compensation but all town employees' compensation. However, council disagreed.

The topic of creating a new committee for the purpose of evaluating the compensation of town employees was postponed to the next council meeting as it was not on the agenda.

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