PVC pipe allows for easy access and secure storage

Club member Scott Dupre of Westerly, Rhode Island, has cats and dogs that keep him busy replacing screens. So he made a simple container out of 4-in. PVC drain pipe that makes dispensing the screen easy: the pipe keeps the roll from unraveling wildly and prevents damage when itís stored. He cut a 1/2-in.-wide slot along the length of the pipe with his table saw for the screen to pass through.

To make the cut you must stabilize the pipe to prevent it from rolling. An unstablized pipe will most likely jam in the blade and kick back. Attach a 2x2 x 36-in. piece of wood along the left side of the pipe with hot-melt glue. Guide the pipe on the right side with the table saw fence. It takes two passes to cut the slot. Move the fence in or out to make the second cut and donít stand directly behind the blade.
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