Smyrna could have two pole mounted radar signs in the near future in an effort to deter drivers from speeding.

The Town of Smyrna Public Safety Committee members discussed the possibility of the town receiving two pole mounted radar signs in their meeting Thursday.

State Sen. Bruce Ennis (D – Smyrna) has received complaints from residents in the area of South Main Street, and the area of Sunnyside Road in front of the Delaware Home for the Chronically Ill regarding drivers speeding.

Police Chief Wil Bordley said Sen. Ennis has offered to sponsor two radar units, which would show how fast or slow a driver is going. The first would go on South Main Street and the second unit would go up on Sunnyside Road from U.S. Route 13 to Carter Road.

Speeding on South Main Street has been a topic of concern brought up at previous Public Safety Committee meetings.

Bordley said the topic needs to be taken to Smyrna Town Council; if they give their blessing then the town can put the radar signs up.

"I think they can help," Bordley said. "It's good the state wants to come in and help with the situation."

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