The Smyrna/Clayton Little Lass Softball league held their opening day ceremony Sunday for the official start of the season. Every year as part of the opening ceremonies, one player moving up from the 12 and under division is chosen as the Mary Jo Jenner Award winner. The chosen player is one who exerts good sportsmanship, plays with heart, cheers on her teammates even when she's not playing, displays an all-around good attitude and more.

On Sunday, Danielle Hoffman – who plays for 17 and under team Edward Jones – was named as the recipient of the 2013 Mary Jo Jenner Award. Danielle took a few minutes following opening ceremonies to talk softball and the award.

Q Why did you start playing softball?

A I started out with baseball because my brother was in it, and then one year I started playing with the girls.

Q What do you like about playing softball?

A Just the fact that I get to play with people. I'm playing with my friends. It's something I love to do.

Q Will you play softball in high school?

A I might.

Q How did you feel winning the award?

A I was surprised and very nervous.

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