Smyrna Town Council discussed several topics at their May 20 council meeting including allowing the use of Lake Como for triathlon training.

Here are a few other tidbits from the meeting:

Police Department update

Smyrna Police Chief Wil Bordley told council the Police Department has narrowed their search for a new officer to three certified candidates. The department is in the process of replacing an injured officer. Bordley said they are still doing background checks on the candidates.

Bordley also said they are going to have a meeting to start the bidding process for demolition of the old public works building soon; the land the building is on is going to be used for the police station expansion.

Duck Creek project starts

Town Manager Dave Hugg announced that work is underway for the Duck Creek utility project.

"The water and sewer and related work north of Duck Creek is finally underway and there's actual physical evidence that that project is moving forward and that's really good news," Hugg said.

July 4th carnival approved

Council approved the use of George C. Wright Jr. Municipal Park for a carnival the week of July 4. The Smyrna/Clayton July 4th Association had submitted an application to use the park Saturday, June 29 through Monday, July 8 for a carnival.

Hugg said past practice was the town assumed the association would do the carnival each year, but the mayor and council actually have to approve the permit application and use of the park.

Residents voice concerns

Three Smyrna residents addressed council with three different concerns in the town.

Rusti Naylor said some of the sidewalks in town are an issue for individuals using wheelchairs. Naylor said a portion of the sidewalk on North Main Street is an issue because of a tree root; the town has had issues with the location in the past. Naylor also said there are issues with an uneven sidewalk on Market Street Plaza.

Mayor Joanne Masten said the town would look into the issues.

Andrea Rodriguez said residents in her area of town are concerned about speeding in the area of Kent Way and Carter Road. Rodriguez said since Carter Road at Dettinger Road has closed, cars going westbound have no stop sign from Smyrna Elementary to Carter Road and are speeding at high rates.

"I didn't know if there was anything we can do in the interim to get people to slow down," Rodriguez said.

She said it's a hazard for kids and people out walking.

Bordley asked if Rodriguez could come to the next Public Safety Committee meeting. A DelDOT representative has been sitting in on the meetings to address concerns with the road closure; if she couldn't come he would ask about the issue.

Christine Green addressed council regarding an issue with the road [First Avenue] her house is on when it rains. Green said whenever it rains, there's a pool of water in front of her house.

"You can't get in my house, you can't get out of my house without stepping in the puddle," Green said.

She said the road is on a slant and there's no drain so whenever it rains, the water runs to her property. She's come to the town before but nothing has been done.

Masten asked Hugg to look into the issue.

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