Smyrna Town Council discussed a lot at their meeting Monday night including the cancelling of the June 25 special election and the 2013 Road Restoration Project.

Here are a few other tidbits from the meeting.

Kudos for drug raid

Mayor Joanne Masten thanked Police Chief Wil Bordley and the Smyrna Police Department for the May 30 arrest of a man allegedly in possession of roughly 1,200 bags of heroin.

"Please keep up the good work," Masten said. "I know the drugs are never going to go away but if we can send a clear signal that we're not going to tolerate drugs in Smyrna then that's a good thing for the town."

Lake Como ordinance to be updated

Council discussed possible changes to the ordinance regarding use of Lake Como.

Bordley suggested amending the ordinance to state Lake Como will open on Memorial Day weekend and close on Labor Day. Currently that stipulation isn't in the ordinance, but Bordley wants it included so everyone is on the same page.

Councilwoman Valerie White asked for the item to be added to the agenda for the next council meeting.

Resident Jack Bobeck asked about swimming at Lake Como during the public forum. In regards to a letter sent out regarding triathlon swimmers allowed access to restricted areas of Lake Como, Bobeck wanted to makes sure that he as a property owner on the lake could swim in Lake Como. Bobeck said there was a meeting in 2010 where town lawyer Terry Jaywork said swimming in the restricted area of Lake Como would be unlawful.

Town lawyer Barrett Edwards said there seems to be a lot of good issues raised and council could draft an ordinance to deal with the issues. The topic will go to the Public Safety Committee.

More LED lights in town

Hugg said the LED lights are in full operation on South Carter Road. Thanks to funding provided by Rep. Bill Carson (D-Smyrna), the town was able to put lighting on that portion of Carter Road.

"It does make a significant difference," Hugg said. "I didn't realize how dark it was until you see how bright it is now."

Moreover, Hugg is now working with various groups on getting funding to put more LED lights in town. He said not only is LED lighting substantially less expensive to operate, it cuts down on energy use, and has a much longer service life which reduces maintenance.

Robo call system expansion proposed

Councilman John Embert asked if the town could possibly expand on the role of the town's robo call system, which is currently used to call customers regarding their delinquent utility bills.

Embert brought the question up in response to the delay in recycling pick up May 31. If the town had been able to use the robo call system, the town could've better informed the residents affected by the delay.

"Is there a way we could use that system to our benefit to keep the public more advised of what's going on," Embert said.

Hugg said he doesn't know why it couldn't be used as an automated call system but he could find out.

Masten updates previous concerns

Masten gave an update on some concerns from the previous council meeting.

Masten said in regards to the tree on North Main Street that's causing the sidewalk to not be ADA compliant, she spoke with the town Manager of Building and Inspections Grant Prichard and there are some options to address the issue. Masten has also spoken with the owner of the site and asked her to have a meeting with Prichard.

"Hopefully we'll have that resolved before the next council meeting," Masten said.

Masten has also asked the Public Works Department to take care of the complaint of water retention on First Avenue. She said Manager of Public Works Daryl Jester and his team have started work on putting a drain there.

"That will hopefully alleviate that problem. We won't know until the first heavy rain," Masten said. "We have made an effort to try and eliminate that."

Radar signs update

Masten also asked Bordley when the speed radar signs Sen. Bruce Ennis (D-Smyrna) helped get the town will be placed out.

Bordley said he met with Sen. Ennis to look at the equipment and they will be out soon. They have yet to nail down exact locations, but one sign will go on South Main Street and the second sign will go somewhere on Sunnyside Road between its intersections with Route 13 and Carter Road.

"They should be a real help to us," Bordley said.

Library discussion postponed

Resident Cindy Cogar asked about the status of the town looking into building a new library. Cogar asked if there was a committee discussing the possible project and wanted to know if there was an update on what the town is committing to the library.

Vice Mayor Regina Brown told Cogar the discussion had been tabled until there was a full council. Andrea Rodriguez will be sworn-in for the open at-large seat at the next council meeting, but Brown said after Monday's meeting that talk regarding the library probably won't be back to council until August.

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