Smyrna Elementary kindergarten teacher Brittany Scullion is the school's Teacher of the Year. Scullion recently took a few minutes to talk about how coming from a family of teachers impacted her own career decision.

Q How did you feel when you were named the Smyrna Elementary Teacher of the Year?

A It felt like going down the first hill on a rollercoaster, when it's just that rush of everything. I know I jumped up and down and let out a high-pitched squeal. It must've been a sight because everyone around laughed.

Q Who or what inspired you to become a teacher?

A I've been teaching since I was little, although my little brother might call it just being bossy. But, trust me, I was teaching. I come from a family of teachers, and my mom didn't get a chance to go to college until after I was four. I think going to the pre-school at the school where she studied made me feel like I was going to college to be a teacher, too. It must've stuck in my head, because it's all I've ever wanted to be.

Q What do you enjoy most about teaching?

A The best part of my job is that every day is different than the one before. When you work with a group of 5- and 6-year-olds, there's no telling what will happen, or when. It can sometimes result in disruptions and distractions, but ninety percent of the time when I look back on the day, I just laugh and am thankful that there's no way I could get bored with teaching.

Q What's the biggest challenge?

A The biggest challenge is making sure that all of my students are making as much progress as possible. I know that they are all learning social and emotional skills just by being in the classroom, but I believe in differentiating my classroom so that each child is learning academics on his/her appropriate level, even if it's above or below grade level. It can be stressful and overwhelming to try to meet all the needs of at least 20 different students. But it's also the part of teaching where I get to be creative and think outside-the-plan-book, so it's enjoyable and fun as well.

Q What do you like about teaching in the Smyrna School District?

A I love that the Smyrna community is supportive and connected. From the families I meet through my students, to the people I work with each day at Smyrna Elementary, I feel like I'm surrounded by people who all share the same goal: educating our students the best possible way and making Smyrna a great place to live. People work as a team in Smyrna, and I love that. It's nice to go to work each day knowing that not only are my coworkers with me, but so are community members and parents.

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