Men over 50 now have a place to keep playing softball during the summer.

If you drive through Smyrna and see a group of men playing slow-pitch softball, you may be surprised to see that the participants are all 50 years of age and over.

The group of players that you may encounter probably belongs to the Kent County Senior Softball League.

Ron Love, from Ronny's Garden World team, said the league, now in its third year of operation, has grown to about 110 players this year.

"A few years ago, a lot of us played down in Georgetown. I also played in Wilmington. But, in 2010, we got together and decided to form our own league. We started with just a few games. And now we have seven teams," he said.

The league is still accepting players and is hoping to expand again next year. Love said men can still play this season as teams are often looking to add more players. "Right now, we have men from 50-77 playing usually two nights a week, so grab your glove and bat and come out and join us!" he said.

Love said many athletes haven't played in years, but that doesn't matter, "It's a great way to have some fun, get out of the house for fresh air and some good exercise. In fact some of us have played for years, and some of us haven't played in 20-25 years."

The teams play on Monday and Wednesday nights, beginning at 6 p.m. at the Big Oak County Park in Smyrna.

The League will continue its 20-game regular season through the end of June, and the group plans to have a post-season tournament sometime in early July.

League Standings as of June 13

American Dental7-0

Ronny GW6-2


Square 14-4



J Landing1-6