Use of Lake Como continued to be a topic of concern Monday night at the Smyrna Town Council meeting.

Resident Duane R. Young addressed council during public forum regarding several issues he noticed while at Lake Como with his grandchildren earlier in the day. While Young said the lifeguard did somewhat of a good job enforcing the rules such as telling kids not to push people off the pier and into the water, there were several other incidents in which the lifeguard didn't do quite as well.

Young said he saw adults drinking beer, a dog pee on the beach, adults smoking, and older boys pushing girls into the water. Young said these incidents were in plain view for the lifeguard to see, but the lifeguard appeared to be too busy talking to the two girls next to him.

"And maybe the lifeguards are too young to approach adults," Young said. "If we have ordinances, we need to enforce them. Maybe if there was an older person working as the lifeguard, they would stand up to these people."

Police Chief Wil Bordley said he needed time to further research the incidents, but the lifeguards have portable radios to contact the police dispatchers to ask for additional help in those types of situations.

Mayor Joanne Masten suggested Bordley review the regulations with the lifeguards and encourage them to report such issues.

Earlier in the meeting, Bordley announced there will be three lifeguards this year; two lifeguards returned from last year. Lifeguards will be on duty at Lake Como from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

At the time, Councilman Robert Johnson said a concern was raised by the Public Safety Committee regarding lifeguards being dressed in proper attire. Bordley said the lifeguards were supposed to look into uniforms online and then get back to him but he was on vacation last week.

Two officers to be hired

Bordley updated council on the process of hiring an officer to fill the vacant position in the department. The department had been looking to fill one vacant position, which was vacated last year when an officer was hurt off-duty; but the resignation of Sr. Pfc. Garr Owens resulted in the department needing to fill two vacancies.

Bordley said the department has picked two certified police officers to fill the positions, both of which will be at the next council meeting.

Comp Plan amendment approved

Council unanimously approved an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan to include the approved US Route 13 Corridor Plan as part of the certified Comprehensive Plan; a public hearing was held on the amendment prior to the council meeting. Manager of Planning & Zoning Janet Vinc spoke during the public hearing.

Vinc reminded council that they had previously voted April 1 to recommend the US Route 13 Corridor Plan be included as an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan. From there the plan was reviewed April 24 by the state agency planners at the Preliminary Land Use Service (P.L.U.S.) Review. The Town of Smyrna received the P.L.U.S. response letter May 21.

Vinc told council approving the amendment was vital to the town's ability to move forward with zoning amendments.

No other comments were made during the public hearing; council approved the amendment during the regular council meeting.

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