Smyrna Town Council received an update Monday night on the police station project including starting dates for demolition of the public works building and construction on the project.

Town Manager Dave Hugg said he thought it was important council is kept involved and informed about the status of the police station project; therefore, Project Manager Ed Ide put together a short presentation on the project. Ide was joined by architect Ken Fearn, of Fearn-Clendaniel Architects.

Ide said the team has been working diligently on the design documents and evaluating the budget. The existing police station has been modified and will include additional cell areas, a sally port, secure evidence storage and more.

The first floor of the project will be roughly 12,250 square feet, the renovated area will be about 4,050 square feet, the sally port will be 1,400 square feet, and the basement is expected to be about 4,800 square feet.

"We tried to keep the building as modest as possible," Ide said.

Council had previously asked Ide and the team to take out certain aspects of the project including space in the basement and geothermal energy. Ide said extensive evaluation proved the geothermal system wouldn't be economical.

The group will go to bid next week on the demolition of the old public works building, which is where the expansion will go. Demolition of the building is expected to start on July 22 and completed on July 31. After that there are several deadlines until construction is expected to start in September. Ide said the project should be done by September 2014.

So far the project is making the budget, and even coming in under budget in some aspects. The base bid on the project is $3.5 million; USDA has committed $4.9 million for the project.

"I'm cautiously optimistic that we're going to be under budget on the project," Ide said.

Streets project starts next week

Hugg announced the 2013 Road Restoration Project, which will repave four roads in Glenwood, will start next week. The contract was previously awarded to American Infrastructure. Hugg expects the project to be complete in a relatively short period of time.

The streets are North High Street, Greens Branch Lane, School Lane and Paul Drive. The project totals roughly $290,000.

Utilities moving north

Hugg also said the town has officially invaded New Castle County thanks to a 12-inch water main that is on the other side of Duck Creek. Moreover, he expects to have major electric conduit moving across by the end of the week. The town will go to bid shortly to demolish the house north of True Value Hardware; the land will be the site of the pump station.

"Utilities are moving north. It's been a long time coming but we're getting there," Hugg said.

New officers sworn in

Council swore in two new police officers, which puts Smyrna Police back at 23 officers.

Patrick Malloy, from Wilmington Police, and William Davis, from Harrington Police, were sworn in at the meeting. Malloy has been an officer for three years while Davis has been an officer for four years.

The town originally needed to fill one vacancy, but needed to hire a second officer when it was announced an officer was leaving.

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